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Ed.D. Electronic Evidence III(b)

In the course  EDU 7274 Budgeting and Finance of Public School Operations, the candidate will be expected to demonstrate effective use of district resources, procedures, and processes to effectively lead in the areas of human resources and budgeting. For this portion of evidence #3, the student will only address the Budgetary Resources Planning sections of the evidence. The remaining Human Resources information will be completed when the student enrolls in that course. The Budgetary Resources Planning Wiki evidence requires the Ed.D. candidate to manage the district level wiki which is designed to provide interactive information about the district’s strategic planning.   The candidate will be responsible for the section on the wiki, which address Budgetary Resources Planning.  Upon completion of this evidence the candidate will provide evidence of the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of resources, structures, rules, and policies that govern district expectations of staff, faculty, and students;
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of policies and procedures related to human resources from a district perspective;
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of policies and procedures that govern conduct and ethics of staff, faculty, and students in human resources functions;
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of district budget, accounting policies and procedures, and financial priorities in a school district.
  • Demonstrate an ability to respond to questions, comments, or suggestions for content revision by other key stakeholders including the professor and other doctoral candidates in the Ed.D. cohort.

Directions and Candidate Requirements
You have been asked to provide updated information in order to maintain two links in a wiki of your school district’s Strategic Plan (i.e., create a wiki in Blackboard with two links).   One link will be completed in EDU 7275 Human Resources:  Approaches to Enhance School Effectiveness; while the second link will be completed in EDU 7274 Budgeting and Finance of Public School Operations. The function of this wiki is to provide access to all stakeholders on the beliefs, priorities, goals, and objectives of the district.

One of the links you will be managing  on the Strategic Plan wiki will be Finance and Budget, which includes relevant financial reports and other financial information used internally by the district, the district’s systems of internal controls regarding finance, accounting, legal compliance and ethics.

The following information should be gathered by the candidate and presented in a manner that is accessible to all stakeholders:

  • The candidate will interview a district finance officer (questions will be provided) in order to describe the district’s FY budget, the planning allotment, initial allotment, the most recent list of federal flow-through grant budget application due dates, and the most recent federal allotment revision notice. The candidate will describe budget processes, identify all revenue sources, as well as determine the need for new resources that support teaching and learning in the district.
  • Using simulated data, the candidate will prepare a budget PowerPoint presentation to deliver to the County Commissioners. The presentation should include, but not be limited to: (1) a summary of the above FY budgetary information gathered above, (2) a flow chart of the district budget process, (3) changes in revenue sources and expenditures from the previous FY, and (4) a proposed budget that identifies the continuation budget needs and a request for funds to support needed new initiatives. The PowerPoint should be posted on the Finance and Budget
  • The candidate will apply the cohort survival method to project the five-year enrollment for a school district. Candidates will (1) use the current year’s enrollment and the previous year’s enrollment to calculate retention ratios for each grade, (2) determine the live birth data from the local hospital or health department, (3) demonstrate how these procedures for projecting enrollment impact effective and efficient operations of the district, and (4) include the management, business procedures, and scheduling impact of the expected enrollment changes
  • At various points during these courses, the professor of the course or your cohort colleagues may visit your wiki as you are posting information and make comments or ask questions about the content on the Finance and Budget Since a wiki is a collaborative and interactive tool, responses to these inquiries or comments will be addressed by the candidate.

The rubric for assessment of Electronic Evidence #3b (Budgetary Resources Planning Wiki) appears below and will be used in  EDU 7274 Budgeting and Finance of Public School Operations.  This evidence will constitute a percentage of the final grade (instructor discretion) in the course.

Candidates will be instructed to provide the link to their wiki site as their final Electronic Evidence #3b to Foliotek. This electronic evidence will also be part of the required Gateway Assessment #3.

Electronic Evidence III(b) Rubric

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