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Education Studies

The Education Studies major is an interdisciplinary, 40-credit hour major emphasizing the educational foundations and liberal arts. It will offer students the opportunity to pursue interests and careers related to education, but not necessarily K-12 teaching. Students have the option to take interdisciplinary coursework related to one of several specialty areas (policy studies, community engagement, family and society, or psychology) or interdisciplinary courses of their choosing related to their particular interests and aspirations. The major requires 15-16 credits of core coursework in the history, ethics and sociological trends in education, 12-14 credits of pedagogy including a required course in undergraduate educational research, an internship experience, and 8 credits of interdisciplinary coursework in one of the following categories noted above. The major in Education Studies allows academically qualified students with the option of entering the BA to M.Ed. program in Educational Leadership at the conclusion of the program.

Possible career trajectories for students completing this major would be: school counseling, school social work, college teaching, higher education administration, non- profit or educational research, community organizing, public policy, developmental centers, or international/private school teaching.

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