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Minor in Health Education

The minor in health education is designed to enhance the student’s studies by providing concepts in various health domains along with theories in teaching and learning styles. The program will help students understand the importance of health in their own lives and as well as how to communicate and promote the importance to their clients, patients and employer. The minor does contain an internship, which is developed with the student’s interest and major in mind.

The program consists of four core classes (10 credits) and a minimum of ten elective credits.  The health education minor is open to students of all majors.

Requirements for the Minor in Health Education (20 credits):

Required Courses (10 credits)

  • EDU 1201. Seminar in Teaching (2)*
  • EDU 4275. Internship in Education (2)*
  • HED 3100. Contemporary Health Issues (2)
  • HED 1200. Nutrition & Healthy Living (4) or ATR 1150. Health & Nutrition (4)

*These courses should be taken at the end of the course sequence.

A minimum of 10 Credits from the following list:

  • EXS 4400. Health Behavior Change (4)
  • HED 2100. Prevention & Substance Abuse (2)
  • HED 2200. Human Sexuality & Relationships (4)
  • HED 3200. Women’s Health Issues (4) (Prerequisite: HED 1200 or ATR 1150)
  • HED 3300. Aging & Life Choices (4) (Prerequisite:
  • HED 1200 or ATR 1150)
  • GBS 3333. Planet Girth (4)
  • PSY 3610. Health Psychology (4) (prerequisite: PSY 2000)
  • SPN 2141. Spanish for the Medical Professions (4) (prerequisite: SPN 2130 or SPN 2140 or permission of the instructor)

Click here for the Program of Study

Click here to apply for the minor in Health Education

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