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Scholarship applications for 2017 are now available for students who will be admitted to the Teacher Education Program by Fall 2017. All scholarship applications will be due March 20, 2017 for the 2017-2018 academic year.

School of Education Scholarships

Annabel Harris Scholarship Application  
All education majors 

Cleo Harris Scholarship Application 
Prefer elementary majors, NC residents, juniors/seniors

Donald K Kearns Scholarship Application
Prefer elementary or secondary majors

Dan B. Cooke Scholarship Application 
Elementary majors, NC residents

James & Dell Johnson Scholarship Application
Prefer special education major, NC resident, junior/senior

Hallman Family Scholarship Application
Prefer special education majors

Harvey Hart Scholarship Application 
Must be a rising senior, prefer NC residents

Henrietta B. H. Harris Scholarship Application
Prefer elementary majors, juniors/seniors; NC residents 

Hildreth Gabriel Jordan Scholarship Application
All education majors 

J. Allen Thacker Scholarship Application
Prefer NC residents

Lena and John Thacker Scholarship Application
All education majors

Mark and Debbie Linville Scholarship Application
M.A.T and M.Ed. in Elementary Education

Martha M. Morgan Scholarship Application
Prefer elementary majors, must be a NC resident  

Mary and Eleanor Young Scholarship Application
Prefer females  

Norman & Mary Thomas Scholarship Application
Prefer special education majors

Ruby Parker Scholarship Application
All education majors

Shaw Spiers Scholarship Application 
Elementary majors, NC residents 

Unity Nash Scholarship Application
All education majors

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

NC-ACTS for Student Teachers

State and Federal Education Assistance Scholarships  


Stout School of Education


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