Stout School of Education

Teacher Education Council

Public School Representatives
Dr. Trent Vernonvernont@gcsnc.comGuilford County SchoolsPrincipal, Jamestown Middle School, HPU grad
Dr. Melissa Davidson County SchoolsPrincipal, Ledford High School, HPU grad
Dr. Alison Cokercokera@gcsnc.comGuilford County SchoolsExecutive Director of HR, PREPARE Residency Program Lead, HPU grad
Dr. Jesse Forsyth County SchoolsAssistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, HPU grad
Ms. Krista Hannahhannahk@gcsnc.comGuilford County SchoolsTeacher, Ferndale Middle School, 2017 GCS Teacher of Year, HPU grad
HPU Student Representatives
Mr. Marcus Gausegausem@gcsnc.comEd.D. RepresentativeGuilford County Schools, Andrews High School, Principal
Ms. Elizabeth Walkerewalker1@highpoint.eduM.Ed. RepresentativeWilkes County Schools
Ms. Allison Patrickapatrick@highpoint.eduB.A. RepresentativeUndergraduate Student Representative
HPU Faculty Representatives
Dr. Adam Graham-Squireagrahams@highpoint.eduHPUDepartment of Mathematics Coordinator, Secondary Math 9-12
Dr. Nicole Hughesnhughes@highpoint.eduHPUDepartment of Biology, Coordinator, Biology 9-12
Dr. Cara Kozmackozma@highpoint.eduHPUDepartment of English, Coordinator English 9-12
Ms. Teresa Parkertparker@highpoint.eduHPUDepartment of MFL, Coordinator, Spanish K-12
Dr. Paul Ringelpringel@highpoint.eduHPUDepartment of History, Coordinator, Social Studies 9-12
Mr. Andy Modlinamodlin@highpoint.eduNorcross Graduate SchoolAssociate VP for Graduate Admissions
Stout School of Education Faculty Representatives
Dr. Amy School of EducationInterim Dean, Chair of TEC
Dr. Sarah Vesssvess@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationAssociate Dean
Ms. Debbie Albertdalbert@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationEPP Division
Dr. Tawannah Allentallen@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationLeadership Studies Division
Dr. Steve Binghamcbingham@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationLeadership Studies Division
Dr. Allison School of EducationLeadership Studies Division
Dr. Leslie Cavendishlcavendi@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationChair, EPP Division
Dr. Kristy Davisdavis912@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationEPP Division
Dr. Shirley Disselersdissele@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationEPP Division
Dr. Dustin Johnsondjohnson@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationLeadership Studies Division
Dr. Claire Lambertclambert@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationEPP Division
Dr. Anne Leakaleak@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationEPP Division
Dr. Rick Overstreetroverstr@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationEPP Division
Ms. Teresa Owenstowens@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationEPP Division
Dr. Heidi Summeyhsummey@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationEPP Division
Ms. Rosie Tararartarara@highpoint.eduSchool of EducationEPP Division
Dr. Mariann W. Tillerymtillery@highpoint.eduSchool of Education Chair, Leadership Studies Division
Dr. Tom Albrittontalbritt@highpoint.eduSchool of Education: EPP Division

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