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Dr. William Carpenter-
BA, College of New Jersey, MA, Kansas State University, PhD, University of Kansas
Department Chair and Associate Professor of English
207 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9339, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dr. Jenn Brandt–
BA, Drew University, MA, Bowling Green State University, PhD, University of Rhode Island
Assistant Professor of English and Director of Women’s and Gender Studies
209/210 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9558, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dr. Charmaine Cadeau-
BA, Trent University, BEd, Queen’s University, MA, University of New Brunswick, PhD, New York State University at Albany
Assistant Professor of English
211 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9630, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dr. Matthew Paul Carlson–
BA, Wheaton College, MA, UNC-Chapel Hill, PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill
Assistant Professor of English
216 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9561, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dr. Jim Casey -
BA, University of North Texas, MPhil, University of Glasgow, Scotland, MA, University of North Texas, PhD, University of Alabama
Assistant Professor of English
202 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9076, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Mr. Matthew Fiander-
BA, Elon University, MFA, UNC-Greensboro
249-A Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9632, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dr. Joseph Goeke -
BA, Southwest Missouri State University, MA, Southwest Missouri State University, PhD, University of South Carolina
Visiting Assistant Professor of English
249-B Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9633, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dr. Adrian Greene –
BA, Wake Forest University, MA, Wake Forest University, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
249-D Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9358, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dr. Cara Kozma–
BA, Evergreen State College, MA, Portland State University, PhD, Wayne State University
Assistant Professor of English
203 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9643, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dr. Laura Linker–
BA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MA, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, PhD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Assistant Professor of English
Norcross 213
Phone: (336) 841-9560, Fax: (336) 841-6394
Dr. Holly Middleton-
BA, Sam Houston State University, MA, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Assistant Professor of English
213 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9456, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dr. Jacob Paul–
BA, SUNY Buffalo, MFA, Vermont College of Fine Arts, PhD, University of Utah
Assistant Professor of English
212 Norcross
Dr. Donna Scheidt-
BA, University of Chicago, JD, Harvard Law School, PhD, University of Michigan
Assistant Professor of English
216 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9139, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dr. Matthew Schneider–
BA, University of California – Berkeley, MA, University of Chicago, PhD, University of California – Los Angeles
Associate Dean, David R. Hayworth College of Arts and Sciences
Professor of English
341 Roberts
Phone: (336) 841-9073
Dr. Leah Schweitzer-
BFA, UNC-Greensboro, MA, University of Maryland, PhD, University of Louisville
Associate Professor of English
215 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9106, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Ms. Georgeanna Sellers-
BA, UNC-Greensboro, MA, UNC-Greensboro
Assistant Professor of English
204 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9657, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dr. Kirstin Squint-
BA, Eureka College, MA, Miami University, PhD, Louisiana State University
Assistant Professor of English
214 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9645, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dr. Karen Summers-
BA, Salem College, MA, UNC- Charlotte, PhD, UNC-Greensboro
201 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9348, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Ms. Allison Walker-
BA, Appalachian State University, MFA, University of Alaska Anchorage
249-E Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9146, Fax: (336) 888-6394
Dana Yates -
Office Manager
241 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9401, Fax: (336) 888-6394


The High Point Admissions Office is Located in Wrenn Hall.

Tours are available 7 days a week. Please contact us to schedule your visit.
(800) 345-6993
(336) 841-9216
(336) 888-6382 (fax)

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