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Additional Financing Options

Payment Plan – Undergraduate, Day Students

As a convenience, High Point University is offering the option to make tuition payments on a monthly basis through Tuition Management Systems.  This is an interest-free alternative to lump-sum payments each semester.  This annual plan offers 10 monthly installments beginning June 1. There is a low application fee, but interest is not charged.

For more information on your specific payment options or to enroll in the Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan, visit Tuition Management Systems’ web site at or call 1-800-722-4867 and speak with an Education Payment Partner. You may also contact the Office of Student Accounts at 336-841-9259.


If your financial assistance package does not cover your expenses, you have the option of applying for an alternative private (nonfederal) student loan. Some private lenders offer credit-based loan programs to creditworthy students and/or students with creditworthy cosigners.  Interest rates, loan fees and other specifics of such loans should be carefully evaluated.

Before pursuing private alternative loans, students and parents should ALWAYS pursue Federal loans first; if additional funding is needed, students should consider Federal PLUS Loans for Parents or the tuition payment plan before pursuing alternative loans.   If students decide to use private alternative loans, they must apply for these loans in enough time for them to use the funds to pay the High Point University charges by the due date.

Private alternative loan lenders will require a creditworthy cosigner for any private alternative loan.  A creditworthy cosigner can be a parent, another adult relative, or other person who meets the lender’s requirements for the loan.  A cosigner will be responsible for the loan if the student does not pay it back.

Students who apply for private alternative loan must complete a Self-Certification Form and submit it to the lender prior to loan approval.  The Office of Student Financial Planning can provide this form to students who inquire about private alternative loans or who have requested a private loan certification.  You should download the Self-Certification Form at theDocuments You Can Download wepage if you decide to apply for an alternative loan: .

The Office of Student Financial Planning will assist families in understanding and pursuing this lending avenue but cannot be responsible for the actual application. Below are several common private lending options utilized by High Point University students and families. Utilize the link provided to find out specific information and complete an on-line application if interested.

Because of the uncertainty of the current credit markets and the inability of certain lenders to secure private alternative loan funding, the pool of lenders willing and able to make private alternative loans is shrinking.

In order to consider a private alternative loan as payment toward the Student Accounts bill, the student must have received final approval from the lender.  Processing time varies from lender to lender, but the average approval time is two to four weeks if everything is submitted in a timely manner.  Be sure to allow enough time for processing.

EXAMPLE:   The High Point University Fall 2009 bill is due June 1.  Jane Doe decides to apply for a private alternative loan to cover her charges.  It will take approximately four weeks between the time she initiates the loan and the time the funds are approved by the lender.  Jane should apply no later than May 1 to allow enough time for processing.

List of Private Alternative Loan Lenders Used Most Often by HPU Students:

PLEASE NOTE:   There have been many recent changes in the private alternative student loan industry.  Information is subject to change.


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