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Outside Scholarships

United Methodist Church Scholarships

High Point University is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. A number of scholarship and loan programs are available to students who are members of a United Methodist Church. Funding is not guaranteed, so early applications are strongly encouraged.

The United Methodist Higher Education Foundation provides $1,000 matching scholarships to United Methodist students through their United Methodist Dollars for Scholars program (UMDFS). Scholarships are available to students who have received at least a $1,000 scholarship from their local United Methodist church to aid in their attendance to a United Methodist college, university or seminary.  Eligible applicants can apply for additional matching funds through the Triple Your Dollars or Quadruple Your Dollars components of the UMDFS.  For more information and to access the scholarship application, please visit the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation website.  You may also be eligible to receive a scholarship from the General Board of Higher Education & Ministry through the United Methodist Church. The application deadline is March 5, 2016 and includes an array of potential opportunities.


Additional Scholarship Opportunities

There are a number of helpful scholarship search links for outside scholarships. However, you should not limit your scholarship search to these sites. Local clubs, foundations, and religious institutions (i.e. churches, synagogues, etc.) are excellent sources of scholarships, and you should pursue every opportunity for funding. Most of these organizations require either the student or parent to be a member of the organization before scholarships can be awarded, but not all of them have this requirement. Please make sure you pursue the opportunities available to you. However, please be sure these organizations do not charge you a fee for applying, as this is the hallmark of a scholarship scam! You must build a profile to search for scholarships on most scholarship search websites.

Recommended Scholarship Search Sites


If you receive a scholarship from any source outside the University, you are required to notify the Office of Student Financial Aid so that these funds can be incorporated into your financial aid package.

The scholarship check should be made payable to High Point University and should have the Recipient’s Name and Student ID in the “For” column of the check. Outside donors should mail scholarship checks to this address:

Office of Student Accounts
High Point University
Drawer #47
One University Parkway
High Point, NC 27268


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