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Standards of Academic Progress

Standards of Academic Progress

Statement of Standards: Students are required to maintain standard academic progress and remain in academic good standing to continue eligibility for financial assistance.  Students who are applying for financial assistance are expected to be enrolled full time each semester during the academic year.  Students enrolled less than full time must notify the Office of Student Financial Planning.  Students enrolled less than full time will be subject to reductions in assistance.  Full-time enrollment is defined as 12 credits or more.  Please note that all institutional programs require students to be enrolled full time.

Federal Regulations require the University’s Standard of Academic Progress to include the following:

Quantitative Measure:  To remain in good academic standing and retain eligibility for financial aid, students must successfully complete at least two-thirds of all hours attempted to include Pass/Fail, repeated courses, incompletes, and courses dropped after the last day to drop a course without penalty (as published in the academic calendar).

Qualitative Measure:  Students must maintain the following minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) on all attempted hours:

For Hours Attempted: Minimum GPA that must be maintained:
Fewer than 29 1.70
at least 29 but fewer than 60  1.80
at least 29 but fewer than 96 1.90
96 or more 2.0


If the standards of academic progress (SAP) are not met then students have 2 courses of action available to them:

1. Academic Plan for Improvement with Karen Naylon in the Office of Academic Development.

Karen Naylon, Assistant Dean, 401 Smith Library, 336-888-6388;

2. You have the right to appeal any decision of ineligibility to receive financial aid based on academic performance.  Your appeal must be made in writing to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Committee using a SAP Appeal Request.  Please note that an appeal based on your need for assistance or your lack of knowledge of the academic progress requirements to remain in good standing is not a valid justification for an appeal and will not be approved.  An appeal should be based on some unusual situation or condition that prevented you from passing a sufficient number of courses attempted or maintaining the required GPA.

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