First Year Programs

Program Research

Faculty in English, the Writing Center, and Smith Library collaborate on ongoing scholarly activity and program research. In this way they improve teaching and learning in ENG 1103 and contribute to knowledge in their fields.


Georgeanna Sellers and Allison Walker will present “I See What You Mean: Using Infographics to Inspire Action Across Diverse Curricula,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Houston, TX, April 6-9, 2016.


Allison Walker and Kathy Shields presented “tl;dr: Enhancing Students’ Online Research, Reading, and Writing Practices with ProQuest Flow,” North Carolina Library Association 61stBiennial Conference, Greensboro, NC, October 21, 2015.


Kathy Shields’s article “Research partners, teaching partners: A collaboration between FYC faculty and librarians to study students’ research and writing habits” was published in the late 2014 issue of Internet Reference Services Quarterly.


Donna Scheidt, with co-authors William J. Carpenter, Robert Fitzgerald, Cara Kozma, Holly Middleton, and Kathy Shields, has a study entitled “Writing Information Literacy in FYC:  a Collaboration Among Faculty and Librarians” accepted for the edited collection Information Literacy—Not Just for Librarians: Issues in Assessment, Teaching, and Application. The book will be a joint Parlor Press/Across the Disciplines publication. Eds. Barbara D’Angelo, Sandra Jamieson, Barry Maid, and Janice R. Walker.


Allison Walker presented “The Risk and Reward of Using Screencasting for Peer-to-Peer Reviews of Student Writing: A Multi-Institutional Pilot” at CCCC, Tampa, Florida, March 2015.


Holly Middleton and Donna Scheidt presented their research on a poster entitled “The Risks and Rewards of Studying Students’ Engagement with Sources” at CCCC, Tampa, Florida, March 2015.


Kathy Shields and Holly Middleton presented their research on a poster entitled “From Private Relationship to Shared Knowledge: Faculty Development at a SLAC” at the Higher Education Pedagogy Conference, Blacksburg, Virginia, February 2015.


Melissa Richard presented “Make It Work: Departmental Rubrics and Disposable Professors” at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, November 2014.


Donna Scheidt presented “Sharing Near and Wide: Making Early Research Available to Diverse Constituencies” at the Carolinas Writing Program Administrators Conference at Wildacres, North Carolina, September 2014.


Kathy Shields presented “Online info lit modules & English composition: An experiment in hybrid pedagogy” at The Innovative Library Classroom Conference, Radford University, Radford, Virginia, May 2014.


Cara Kozma, Holly Middleton, and Donna Scheidt presented “Researching Students’ Conceptions of Information Literacy” at the Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy, Savannah, Georgia, August 2013.


Holly Middleton and Donna Scheidt presented their work-in-progress “Reading for Student Engagement in the Intertextual Penumbra” – at the Dartmouth Summer Seminar for Composition Research, Dartmouth University, Hanover, New Hampshire, August 2013.


Holly Middleton presented “Norming for Dissensus: Identifying Meaningful Difference in Assessment” at the Council of Writing Program Administrators Annual Meeting, Savannah, Georgia, July 2013.


Holly Middleton‘s article “Recognizing Acts of Reading:  Creating Outcomes and Assessments for Basic Writing” was published in WPA-Journal 36.1 (2012): 11-31.


William J. Carpenter, Cara Kozma, and Donna Scheidt presented “Where the ‘We’ Is At:  Collaborative Research Trends in Composition” at the Watson Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, October 2012.


Donna Scheidt and Kathy Shields presented “Effective FYC-Library collaborations: On the merits of not doing too much” at the Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 2012.


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