First Year Programs

Student Spotlight


Every year students in English 1103 are invited to submit their final essays for publication in Student Spotlight. A faculty committee reviews all submissions and selects a small number that demonstrate excellence in writing, range in approach, and potential for classroom use.

We congratulate the 2016-2017 winners:  Michael Ionescu, Livy Beaner, and Taylor Cooley!

Michael C. Ionescu, “Plastic: What’s On The Menu”

Livy Beaner, “Sentenced Not Admitted”

Taylor Cooley, “Access and Eligibility of Modern Medicine”


For 2015-2016:

Abigail Cianciolo, “A Not-So Happily Ever After”

Gregory C. Currin, “Teaching Hate”

Celia Glenn, “Snail Mail: Why Writing Letters Should Make a Comeback”

Max Hoffman, “How Social Media and Denial Affects One’s Ability to be Informed”


Dr. Matthew Brophy
Chair of First-Year-Seminars
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