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Minors in French & Francophone

Requirements for a minor in French & Francophone Studies (22 credits):

  • FRE2020 Intermediate French II
  • FRE2130 Readings in French
  • FRE4010 Advanced Grammar and Composition
  • One of the following: FRE 3030 or FRE 3040 or FRE 3080
  • One 4-credit course in French from: FRE 3030, 3040, 3080, 3180, 3210, 3220, 3330, 3400, and 3881
  • 4 more credits in FRE 2150, 2500, 3000 to be selected from the following 2-credit courses or from any 4-credit FRE course not selected above.
  • Note: The minor requires 18 credits if a student begins at a level higher than FRE 2020.


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