Mariana H. Qubein Arboretum & Botanical Gardens


Beginning in 2006, HPU First Lady Mariana Qubein began the development of an Arboretum and Botanical Gardens on campus with a mission to beautify the HPU campus and preserve the environmental surroundings using what God has provided. Through the assistance of committee members, students, and the landscape team at HPU, the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens have developed dramatically, now comprised of 22 gardens, several significant plant collections and over 350 different taxa of trees.


The High Point University Board, in recognition for her tireless efforts and vision to bring to fruition the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, announced the naming of the Mariana H. Qubein Arboretum & Botanical Gardens in late 2009. All this is done with the goal of also providing unique educational opportunities for students and visitors alike.


At each of the 22 gardens, an information box is located containing a brochure featuring a map of that garden, and a list of included plants. The Arboretum is spread throughout the campus and is constantly being expanded with an overall goal of increasing the diversity throughout.


Additions to the plant collections and expansion of the gardens is a continuous process so be sure to visit often and stay up to date through our website and Facebook page.

Arboretum CommitteeStudent Arboretum Team
Mrs. Mariana QubeinElizabeth Gambel
Mrs. Irene IngersollShelby Jones
Mr. Michael IngramSarah Griffin
Mr. Matt MahoneyMeg Essepian
Dr. Barbara J. MalloryJamey Williams
Mrs. Karen Neill
Mr. John Paulin
Dr. Kelli Sapp
Dr. Donald A. Scarborough
Dr. Gerald Smith
Ariel Spurrier
Mr. Doug Stimmel
Mr. Jon Roethling
Mr. Stephen Potter
Mr. Troy Thompson
Dr. Nicky Hughes
Mrs. Kay Maynard
Mr. Mark Peters
Dr. Cindy Vigueira
Dr. John Turpin
Dr. Angela Bauer

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