你好! (Sound it out.)

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For the majority of you that don’t actually speak or understand Chinese, that means “hello” in Mandarin.  You’re probably wondering whether or not I actually speak the language myself, and I am here to tell you that yes, I do. I started taking Chinese last semester, here at High Point University, and I can honestly tell you that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

For starters, whenever I tell anyone that I am a Strategic Communication Major with a Chinese minor, the reaction is ALWAYS the same. I usually get a mix between disbelief, admiration and astonishment. Before you start asking questions of your own, let me beat you to the punch and list the top three most popular questions a Chinese minor will be asked throughout his/her time here at High Point University:


  1. “Is it hard?”
  2. “Don’t they use like pictures?”
  3. “Can you say something in Chinese?”


Here are your answers:

  1. No
  2. They’re called characters, not pictures, not symbols…characters.
  3. I can say anything that has been covered up to Chapter 9 in the book


The fact of the matter is, like anything else in life, whatever you put into it, you will get back out of it. If you work really hard, you will get positive results, and if you do nothing at all, you will fail.  Yes, we use “characters” in Chinese, which are known as “symbols” by all non-Chinese speaking students, and yes, it is difficult studying the English meaning, the Chinese meaning, AND the characters, but you certainly get used to it. I absolutely love the language, and I have developed a newfound love for the Chinese culture and its history in the process.

Anyway, I am going to China this may with High Point University on what we like to call “a maymester” or “HPU Unleashed.” One of the cool things about High Point University is that the students are able to take their education to the next level, and take advantage of incredible study abroad opportunities, where each student will expand his/her knowledge academically, intellectually and culturally, all while earning credits towards your academic transcript. I even plan to re-visit the country later on, for I aspire to work between the United States and China.

High Point University supplies one heck of an education, in one heck of an environment. I have taken on new challenges, like Chinese, and fell in love with the language. As mentioned, I am currently a Chinese minor, and this is the first year High Point University has offered Chinese as a minor. High Point University is expanding by the day, in every aspect of the word, and it is one exciting place to spend the next four years, the opportunities are endless.

Until Next Time, 再见 (Goodbye!)


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