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Alumni Success Series – James Jadote

04.16.2014 By: Stephanie Schwartz
This alum was a really close friend of mine! We worked together in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and shared many tour times together. I was so sad when he told us that he was graduating early, but am so happy for all the success that James has had! “I recently graduated in December of [...]
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An extraordinary, inspiring, caring professor

12.16.2013 By: Emily Mosh
Professors, without a doubt, are some of the most influential people that young adults interact with on a daily basis. They are mentors, friends and authority figures all at the same time. The perfect balance of these traits is key to student success and cooperation in a classroom. For example, a student could go into [...]
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As the semester winds down…

12.9.2013 By: Emily Mosh
I hope that you are all gearing up for a wonderful holiday season, because I know that we are all very excited here at High Point University.  The campus is decorated beautifully, and it feels like a Winter Wonderland here (minus the snow, of course, it is North Carolina after all!) This is also an [...]
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We’ve got a surprise for you…

11.21.2013 By: Emily Mosh
Wow guys…I promised you a surprise post last week and I hope the suspense hasn’t been killing you…aha just kidding! But seriously, last week was an incredibly busy week. I was away last weekend with our HPU Running Club, as I ran my first half marathon in the Charlotte Thunder Road Race. Surprisingly, I am [...]
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It’s easy to love the South, y’all

11.19.2013 By: Emily Mosh
Growing up in the north, I had a pretty harsh opinion of southern folk and had grouped them into two categories. There were folks who could’ve been characters from Gone with the Wind, dressed to the nines attending fabulous parties and drinking sweet tea on the front porch. And then there were those southern rebels, [...]
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A month of philanthropy

11.6.2013 By: Emily Mosh
October was a busy month on High Point University’s campus. Between Alumni Weekend, midterm exams and Fall Break, it is amazing that students have had the time to come together to help those who deserve it most. The Greek community on campus works tremendously hard to promote their philanthropies, and October was a month full [...]
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HPU is everywhere!

By: Emily Mosh
Aloha future Panthers! I am finally back in the office after six weeks on the road.  I had a wonderful time meeting with many fantastic students and families, all of whom are hoping to join our amazing community here at High Point University.  A few quick things that I learned: I am not meant to [...]
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Kara’s dentistry adventures

10.25.2013 By: Emily Mosh
Hey guys! I hope you all had a nice Columbus Day weekend. The students here at High Point are lucky to get an entire week off. Some of my friends stayed here to work market, some went to visit friends, others went home – which is what I did. Leaving on Friday night after my [...]
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How Briayna keeps busy

09.18.2013 By: Hillary Kokajko
I told you in my bio that I was very involved here on campus, now let me tell you just how involved! Campus Concierge, Peer Mentor, Civitan Club, The Bonner Leader Program… these are just some of the things I’m involved in, and only a brief look at some of the 50+ campus clubs, organizations [...]
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Happy senior year!

09.17.2013 By: Claudia Mota
9/17/2013 Aloha Future Panthers! I hope that you are having a wonderful start to your semester.  Where did the summer go?! For many of you, you have just started your last year of high school.  Over the next year, as you continue your college search process, you may feel overwhelmed and excited, nervous and thrilled, [...]
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