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*Cough Cough*

01.30.2012 By: Hillary Kokajko
I think that we can all agree that getting sick is no fun at all. (DUH, silly statement I know.) In high school you can just have your parents call in and get you excused for the day but, sadly, it doesn’t work that way in college. There are essentially no excused absences. You miss [...]
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So how ’bout that weather….

01.2.2012 By: Hillary Kokajko
Hey Everyone! Sorry this post is a little bit late and short, as I’m sure ya’ll know, the holidays can get a just a little bit crazy. “little” HA! I just spent the last weekend visiting with TONS of family for Christmas and before that I pretty much slept for a week straight. But now [...]
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Just One Year Ago…

11.22.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
Oh crap, I have to finish my college apps. That was the thought that most often flashed through my mind for the first half senior year. You see, my school had a little catch that came along with graduation, you HAD to get into and enroll in a college in order to graduate. For most [...]
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Oh Happy Day

10.17.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
Don’t spend your senior year itching to get out of the house or your freshmen year not calling them.
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Thoughts on America, Friends, and the Freshman 15

09.14.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
OK SO… It’s a little bit odd but I’m writing this post on September 11th and can’t seem to shake a somber mood. It doesn’t help that I’m listening to Boyce Avenue Acoustic radio on Pandora and my suite-mates (who are usually all crazy and loud) are being boring and doing homework…pshhhh. Alas, we are [...]
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Got Socks?

08.8.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
If you are stressing out about getting ready, packing, and shopping - take a deep breath, count to 10, and keep reading. I have a few pointers to give you about school away from home. What are my credentials, you ask? Three years at boarding school.
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Introducing Lara

07.5.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
I will never sugar-coat anything (my inability to lie is both a blessing and a curse).
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