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Extraordinary Future

05.17.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
Wow everyone, the year has flown by and I can’t believe everything that has happened here at High Point. It’s  easy to look forward to a bright future thanks to everyone at HPU. I am now home after studying day and night for my finals and have a few weeks before I begin taking some […]
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Top of the Mornin’!

03.17.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
Hi everyone and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Let me get you caught up on what has been happening on the most extraordinary campus! Happy Birthday! February 26th marked my birthday and just like everything else here at HPU it was nothing less than outstanding! I came back from class at 10am and was surprised to […]
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Coming Home from the Holidays

01.21.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
Hey everyone! It has been a busy time both at school and back at home.  Finals finally ended and the long commute home took up much of my time. If you learn anything your first year of college it is how to travel the airports around the US with ease. (And you also learn that […]
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The Final Week

12.9.2010 By: Hillary Kokajko
Hey everyone! I’m back and uploading this post from one of the convenient conference rooms in the Phillips school of Business! Not only does HPU offer 24-hour library service, but also study halls around the many renovated buildings on campus. With final exams beginning on Friday, these rooms are packed with students studying and getting […]
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Magic at Midnight, Decking the HPU Halls

11.22.2010 By: Hillary Kokajko
Hey everyone! So it hasen’t been long since my last post, but it has been busy as always here on campus with Thanksgiving break just around the corner! I just registered for my spring classes and can already search for the class materials through the school’s helpful website and bookstore. But between all of the […]
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Hallowed Events

11.5.2010 By: Hillary Kokajko
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting in a long time but these past few weeks have been incredibly busy! I’ve gone through exams back in October before fall break, to an extraordinary Halloween on campus, and even declaring my major. I’m no longer undecided! The past few weeks have been academically challenging but a […]
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Suiting up at HPU

10.10.2010 By: Hillary Kokajko
Hey everyone! It’s only been a few days since my last post about the HPU Fall 2010 concert with Cobra Starship but I had a few more events to comment on and share my experiences with a few things on campus. First of all I want to congratulate the HPU Panther’s Men’s Soccer team on […]
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Extraordinary Events

10.4.2010 By: Hillary Kokajko
Hi everyone sorry it has been so long since I’ve posted but it has been a crazy couple of weeks here at HPU. I’ll be happy to explain whats been happening here on campus. Don’t forget to check the bottom of the page for videos including the events I attended Backstage VIF. First of all […]
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A Fast Break

09.15.2010 By: Hillary Kokajko
Hey everyone! Here at HPU I had a busy weekend to say the least. Between campus events and school work, I barely even knew it was the weekend before I woke up on Monday morning. I spent Friday night in the Panther’s Den which is the HPU super fan section. For a small fee, you […]
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The First of it’s Kind

08.30.2010 By: Hillary Kokajko
It’s good to be back. Move-In, Classes, Friends, Family, Hello’s and Goodbyes. All of this describes the first week I experienced here at HPU. I can’t even begin to cover all the events that have transpired this week but I can offer you a look into some of the highlights that made HPU a quick […]
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