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All the World’s a Stage

11.8.2012 By: Hillary Kokajko
It’s really starting to feel like winter’s coming in High Point! I’ve had to break out all my newly acquired warm clothing and face the fact that my days of lounging on the San Diego beaches in the middle of January are behind me. Braving the drop in temperature has been worth it though—the campus [...]
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09.4.2012 By: Hillary Kokajko
I can’t believe it’s only been a little over a week that I’ve been at High Point University! I feel like I’ve spent at least a month learning from my inspiring professors, having fun with my new friends and eating yummy sandwiches at the Great Day Bakery! I am so happy to be on campus at [...]
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Introducing Summer…

07.23.2012 By: Hillary Kokajko
What has two thumbs and an unusual love for marine invertebrates, comes from San Diego, and has already been on the High Point campus for 22 days? This girl!   While the majority of my fellow freshmen are still pouring over their packing lists and trying to calm their pre-college butterflies, I’ve been taking classes [...]
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