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Meet Phil!

07.1.2014 By: Claudia Mota
Greetings and salutations from HPU, As I’ll be one of the new faces behind the Admissions Blog, I wanted to take the time to briefly introduce myself. While many of you may know me as the counselor covering Washington DC and Western Maryland, I am also here to help you connect with the surrounding community […]
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Happy senior year!

09.17.2013 By: Claudia Mota
9/17/2013 Aloha Future Panthers! I hope that you are having a wonderful start to your semester.  Where did the summer go?! For many of you, you have just started your last year of high school.  Over the next year, as you continue your college search process, you may feel overwhelmed and excited, nervous and thrilled, […]
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04.12.2013 By: Claudia Mota
Greetings future Panthers!   Today, I wanted to talk about something that might not sound all that exciting.  Unless, of course, you can understand the dialog from The Big Bang Theory without a translator.   This weekend, SERMON, the South Eastern Regional Meeting on Numbers, will be taking place at High Point University.  Mathematicians from […]
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Just Around the Corner

04.3.2013 By: Hillary Kokajko
This time last year I was in your shoes. I had paid my deposit, picked my classes at Early Registration in March, and interacted with many of my soon to be future classmates and friends. I couldn’t wait to be at HPU, which was clear to my family and friends because it was all I […]
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Parent to Parent: Top 10 Tips for Success in College

04.2.2013 By: Hillary Kokajko
Wow, parents, can you believe in just a few months we’ll be helping you unload carfuls of dorm supplies, cool purple stuff and welcoming your pride and joy to his or her new college home? As you consider this time of transition, it might be helpful to take some time over the summer one-on-one to […]
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The Value of High Point University

04.1.2013 By: Claudia Mota
Greetings! Spring finally feels like it’s sprung here at High Point University, and we are all excited for some warmer weather and for all of the great things that come with April.  This is the last month for our students that are graduating this year, and while this is a very bittersweet thing to think […]
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March Madness

03.20.2013 By: Claudia Mota
Greetings future Panthers! I hope that your spring has sprung, because it certainly has here at High Point University.  For you prospective freshmen that are still buried in the snow, remember that your time in North Carolina is right around the corner!   It’s March Madness time here at High Point, and because we are […]
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A Beautiful Day To Get Involved

03.14.2013 By: Hillary Kokajko
The weather is beginning to change and it’s a beautiful day here at HPU! Something that isn’t changing on campus is the involvement and leadership opportunities available to students.   One of the first things that attracted me to High Point University was the fact that it was an active university, on campus and in […]
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03.8.2013 By: Claudia Mota
  High Point University has been named “Tree Campus USA” for the fourth year in a row! The Arbor Day Foundation has given HPU this designation for the past four years because of the continued effort to keep the campus green, with various gardens and trees. HPU is one of only six campuses in the […]
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03.5.2013 By: Claudia Mota
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