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Application time like NEVER BEFORE.

10.26.2011 By: Claudia Mota
It’s happening. We’ve known it was coming for years, but somehow it still takes me by surprise that this is it. Back in 2006, I toured High Point University as a prospective student. I remember sitting in Wrenn Hall speaking with Allen Jones, one of the HPU Admissions Counselors. He told me that this little […]
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10.24.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
Happy (Belated) Birthday To You, Happy (Belated) Birthday To You, Happy (Belated Birthday To Lara, Happy Birthday To You!   It’s a beautiful day here in Greenwich Village. Yeah, that’s right. I’m sitting in my dad’s office in Manhattan writing this week’s entry. Boy, is it good to be home. Don’t get me wrong, High […]
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Oh Happy Day

10.17.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
Don’t spend your senior year itching to get out of the house or your freshmen year not calling them.
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High Point University > High School

10.10.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
October 2010: I was stressing over the SAT I never heard of High Point I had hardcore senioritis There were literally 1,000,000 people in my classes I had to wake up at 6:00 A.M. to get to school I was ready to get out of school I had 8 classes a day My school had […]
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One Happy Camper…

10.3.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
They say college changes people.  It’s true, really.  I can attest to it: 1.  I have become a night owl. My friends will be the first to tell you that I was always the first one out at sleepovers, but now I can’t even tell you the last time I went to bed in a […]
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Pretty Inspired. Just Sayin.

09.26.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
You know what inspires me? RAIN! Okay…maybe it doesn’t. But we had some rainy and grey days last week. Of course, that only motivates you to stay in bed right? Not here! Okay…maybe here too. But can you imagine if we went to a school that was just average instead of extraordinary? It would not […]
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Bamboo Apparel

09.20.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
Extraordinary- there’s that word again. Let me educate you a little bit about an extraordinary individual working to achieve extraordinary things on and off the campus. My buddy Seth is a fellow HPU student and has LAUNCHED HIS OWN COMPANY. This is called Bamboo Apparel and I’m really excited about it. Bamboo Apparel, in a […]
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Thoughts on America, Friends, and the Freshman 15

09.14.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
OK SO… It’s a little bit odd but I’m writing this post on September 11th and can’t seem to shake a somber mood. It doesn’t help that I’m listening to Boyce Avenue Acoustic radio on Pandora and my suite-mates (who are usually all crazy and loud) are being boring and doing homework…pshhhh. Alas, we are […]
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Wait. I enjoy going to class?

09.6.2011 By: Hillary Kokajko
So it’s official, HPU can’t get any better. College is totally awesome, and the best part is, classes aren’t ruining it.
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Advice from a Sophomore

09.2.2011 By: Claudia Mota
An email came my way today from one of High Point’s sophomores, Miss Alexa Crawford. I’d like to share her thoughts with you as you consider High Point University and wonder what life may be like on the other side! High Point University promises an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people. And […]
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