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Greetings future HPU students! My name is Candace Walker and I welcome you to my blog – Getme2thepoint. I’m fortunate to be an Admissions Counselor here at High Point University, in the gorgeous Sothern oasis that is North Carolina. I travel throughout the country to find YOU – the multi-talented, motivated, intelligent, fabulous future students […]
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Almost there!

Hi future High Point students! I’m Ryan, a senior in high school from Danvers, MA that is really pumped about coming to HPU this fall! Throughout my freshman year, I’ll be your guide to what’s happening on campus and will keep you in the loop with all things High Point.   I’ve been counting down […]
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A weekend in High Point…

I just got back from visiting some of my friends who are taking classes High Point University for the summer. I didn’t realize how much I missed being at school! High Point is so beautiful and I think it has become home to me. While I was visiting school, I got a chance to work […]
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Missing HPU!

I have been home for the summer for almost two months and I am missing High Point University so much! I miss the campus, all of my friends, even class! (I know…there might seriously be something wrong with me.) I am somehow keeping myself busy with work and friends from home. But, I also have […]
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PantherPalooza, Exams, and Moving Out

PantherPalooza was a blast. High Point University kicked off exams with their annual concert on the last day of classes. Corey Smith (he’s from Georgia!) was the entertainment this year! There was also free food, airbrush tattoos, a ferris wheel, and much more!   I am really going to miss High Point over the summer. […]
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Taking It Easy at HPU…

I still cannot believe that this school year is almost over! It seems like just yesterday I moved into my awesome single room in Blessing. Two semesters and many fun memories later, I find myself at the end of my freshman year. It scares me to think that the rest of my college years could […]
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Midterm Week

O joy…midterm week! Who can believe that another semester is already halfway over? I sure can’t! Pretty soon it will be a new school year entirely! It is midterm week, meaning a lot of library time, late night study sessions, frantic packing for Spring Break, and daily Grande White Chocolate Mochas from Starbucks (with a […]
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High Point University: An Extraordinary Education

Sending your son or daughter to college is a big investment.  As such, you should be assured that your child’s university is committed to providing great return on your investment. At High Point University, we are wholly committed to our motto: Every student receives an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people. The […]
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Interview Tips: The Presidential Scholarship Program

In an effort to help alleviate your stress as you prepare for the Presidential Scholarship weekend, I’ve made a list of tips, including how to prepare, potential interview questions, dos and don’ts, and what to wear.  Take a peek! What should I expect during the interviews? Both interviews will involve a professor and a current […]
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A New Semester!

Being home for break was such fantastic relaxation.  My family is so important to me and I’ve had a blast spending bunches of time with them! …But I missed my family of friends at High Point so much!!   I am so glad to be back at High Point University for several reasons:   1.  I […]
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