Global Studies

Global Studies

Global Studies courses are offered by many departments across the university.  While these courses cover diverse subjects, they share a commitment to instilling in students greater global awareness and deeper cross cultural understanding.

Each undergraduate student must take at least one of these courses as part of the general education curriculum. Students may apply to the chair of the Global Studies committee to waive this requirement if they are international students enrolled for at least one semester at High Point University or if they have completed an academic course of study outside the U.S. lasting at least four weeks, conducted through an accredited institution, and bearing at least 3 credits recognized by High Point University.

Students who participate in such study abroad through High Point University have the requirement waived automatically.

Global Studies courses offered for Fall 2015:

BIO/GBS-3300-01 GS Global Change Ecology

COM/GBS/WGS-3374-01 GS Glob Media Rep of Women

ECO/GBS-3460-01 GS International Economics

ECO/GBS-3460-02 GS International Economics

ECO/GBS-4430-01 GS Comparative Economics

EDU/GBS-3260-01 GS Ed- Age of Globalization

ENG/GBS/WGS-3298-01 (L) GS Women/Writ Worldwide

ENG/GBS/WGS-3298-02 (L) GS Women/Writ Worldwide

ENG/GBS/WGS-3298-03 (L) GS Women/Writ Worldwide

GBS-3030-01 GS Italian Cult/Civilization

GBS-3700-01 GS France & the Muslim World

HST/GBS-3521-01 GS Rise of Modern Japan

HST/GBS-3701-01 GS US & Mid East Since 1945

INT/GBS-3240-01 GS Global Issues/Built Env

MUS/GBS-3650-01 (A) GS World Music Survey

REL/GBS-3332-01 (R) GS Fundamentalism/Viol.

SPN/GBS/WGS-3280-01 GS Lat Amer Women Writers

THE/GBS-3550-01 GS Global Performance



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