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Global Studies
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Global Studies

Global Studies courses are offered by many departments across the university.  While these courses cover diverse subjects, they share a commitment to instilling in students greater global awareness and deeper cross cultural understanding.

Each undergraduate student must take at least one of these courses as part of the general education curriculum, or satisfy the requirement through certain qualified study abroad programs.

Global Studies courses offered for Fall 2014:

GBS/PSC-2510-01 (33971) GS Comp For Pol Systems

GBS/INT-3240-01 (34498) GS Global Issues/Built Env

GBS/INT-3240-02 (34709) GS Global Issues/Built Env

GBS/ENG/WGS-3298-01 (33696) (L) GS Women/Writ Worldwide

GBS/ENG/WGS-3298-02 (33699) (L) GS Women/Writ Worldwide

GBS/BIO-3300-01 (34390) GS Global Change Ecology

GBS/REL-3315-01 (33764) GS Glob and Christian Ethics

GBS/REL/PHL-3331-01 (33769) GS Asian Thought/Glob Concern

GBS/REL-3332-01 (33773) (R) GS Fundamentalism/Violence

GBS/ECO-3460-01 (34049) GS International Economics

GBS/ECO-3460-02 (34050) GS International Economics

GBS/MUS-3650-01 (34346) (A) GS World Music Survey

GBS-3720-01 (33927) GS Child Lit/Story Trad Anglo Wld

GBS-3730-01 (33567) GS West Africa/Caribbean

GBS/ECO-4430-01 (34052) GS Comparative Economics


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