Global Studies
Global Studies
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Available Courses

GBS/PSC 2510  Comparing Foreign Political Systems

GBS/PSC 2510  Comparing Foreign Political Systems

GBS/ART 2988  The Grand Tour in Italy: Drawing and Art, Learning from the Masters†

GBS/MFL 3010  Intercultural Perspectives in Business

GBS 3040  France Today*

GBS/SPN 3045  Spanish-American Culture and Civilization**

GBS/BUA 3100  Global Business†

GBS/MIS 3110  Information Systems in a Global Environment

GBS/SPN 3150  Hispanic Culture through Film**

GBS/INT 3240   Global Issues and the Built Environment

GBS/SPN/WGS 3280  Latin American Women Writers**

GBS/ENG/WGS 3298  Women Writing Worldwide⁰

GBS/ENG 3299  Other Americas: Post-colonial Literature and Culture of the Caribbean⁰

GBS/BIO 3300  Global Change Ecology

GBS/REL 3315  Globalization and Christian Ethics

GBS/HRE 3317  Contemporary Ireland

GBS/REL 3327  World Christianity

GBS/REL/PHL 3331  Asian Thought & Global Concerns

GBS/REL 3332  Fundamentalism & Violence⁰

GBS 3333  Planet Girth†

GBS/BIO 3350  Emerging Infectious Diseases: a world perspective

GBS/COM/WGS 3374  Global Media Representation of Women

GBS/BIO 3450  The Hidden Face of Ecuador: Uncovering its Bio and Cultural Diversity†

GBS/ECO 3460  International Economics

GBS/PSY 3470  Cross-Cultural Psychology†

GBS/HST 3501  United States and East Asia

GBS/PSC 3510  Latin American Politics

GBS/HST 3511  Revolutionary China

GBS/HST 3521 Rise of Modern Japan

GBS/HST 3602  Native Peoples of Latin America

GBS/HST 3603  Consumption, Material Culture, and Environment in Latin American History

GBS/HST 3621  History of Brazil

GBS/MUS 3650  World Music Survey⁰

GBS/MUS 3651  Rock Me Amadeus: Mozart’s Music, his Life, and his Legacy†

GBS 3700  France and the Muslim World

GBS/HST 3701  The United States and the Middle East since 1945

GBS 3720  Children’s Literature and Story Traditions across the Anglo-Phonic World

GBS 3730  West Africa and the Caribbean:  Societies and Cultures

GBS 3750  French Cinema:  Text and Culture

GBS 3780  The French-Speaking World

GBS/ECO 4430  Comparative Economics

*taught in French
**taught in Spanish
†includes travel component
⁰fulfills Area 1 requirement in addition to GBS requirement


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