Global Studies

Fall 2016 Learning Outcomes Assessment

Each global studies course will include an assessment that addresses the desired attributes (5.2 & 9.2) described in the table below.  Instructors should interpret the stated attributes in the context of the specific goals and tasks of their global studies courses and the privileged lenses(1) through which they choose to teach their courses.

Qualifying assessments may take many forms subject to the judgment of the instructor, including but not limited to stand-alone essay assignments, portions of tests or exams, research papers or guided reflections on academic experiences.  Whatever their form, however, they should constitute academic work equivalent to 500 words. An instructor may use multiple assignments to complete the assessment (e.g., using a research paper to assess students on attribute 5.2 and a subsequent test question to evaluate student performance on 9.2).

Instructors are free to grade assignments according to the standards of their course, but should evaluate student performance in attaining objectives according to the attached rubric. For each of the attributes, instructors must assess their students’ work as developing, competent, or proficient, as per the descriptions in the corresponding cells of the rubric.

Each instructor will assess at least twenty-five percent of his or her students’ work using the assessment rubric. This percentage represents a minimal amount of data needed for meaningful results.

The attached Global Studies Learning Outcomes Assessment Summary Form should be completed and then returned to the GBS assessment subcommittee.

(1) The language of privileged lens derives from the “Guidelines for the Development of Global Studies Courses” and according to those guidelines may be “historical, political, economic, sociological, religious, literary/artistic ecological, technological or more broadly cultural”.



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