Global Studies

Fall 2016 Learning Outcomes

The Global Studies general education requirement aims to ensure that our graduates achieve one or both of the following overlapping outcomes.  One or both of these must find expression (not necessarily word-for-word) among the learning goals for each Global Studies course:

  1. Student demonstrates a critical understanding of the ideas, value systems, practices, and social formations of a culture or society other than his/her own, or of a global system.
  2. Student shows a critical understanding of the ethical implications of global citizenship, informed by global awareness and cross-cultural understanding.

These outcomes are specific articulations of attributes 5 and 9 from the document, “Desired Attributes of HPU graduates,” which are reproduced below:

Attribute 5: Our graduates will possess the skills necessary to examine critically a broad range of historical, cultural, and religious traditions and to assess how the values associated with those traditions shape people’s lives.

Attribute 9: Our graduates will understand how to apply their knowledge and skills to the issues and problems that exist in contemporary American society and the world.


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