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Thesis, Capstone Project and Disseration Guide

A dissertation/thesis is a professional manuscript about accurate and meaningful research conducted by the student.  It is submitted to the Graduate School as partial fulfillment of the requirements for a master’s degree.  It reflects credit to the student, the Dissertation/Thesis Chair, the Dissertation/Thesis Committee Members, the student’s program, the student’s department and school, the Graduate School, and High Point University. Both the student and the Dissertation/Thesis Chair have responsibility for ensuring absolute quality for all aspects of the written thesis before any copy is submitted to the Graduate School.

When the student enrolls in a thesis course, the student is not selecting independent study.  The student is assisted in the preparation of the thesis manuscript by the Dissertation/Thesis Chair and two Dissertation/Thesis Committee members who are graduate faculty in the student’s field of study.

The Graduate School’s Checklist for Dissertation/Thesis must be used in conjunction with the latest edition of the manuscript style manual selected for use by the department in which the student is writing the dissertation/thesis. A maximum of two attempts to pass the oral defense of the dissertation/thesis is allowed.  If the first attempt is failed, the second and final attempt may not occur earlier than the next term.

A minimum of two registrations in thesis courses is required; both registrations cannot occur in the same term.  Registration in the second dissertation/thesis course must occur in the term that immediately follows enrollment in the first dissertation/thesis course.  After the two registrations, the student must register for Dissertation/Thesis Continuation each term (fall, spring, and summer) until all requirements for the dissertation/thesis are completed.

Completing all dissertation/thesis requirements requires both a “Pass” performance on the oral defense of the thesis and the signature of approval of the Associate Dean of the Graduate School on the thesis manuscript.  The Graduate School will not review the student’s dissertation/thesis if the oral defense is not a “Pass.” Only the Associate Dean of Norcross Graduate School has the authority to tell a student that dissertation/thesis requirements have been satisfied.

When the dissertation/thesis manuscript meets standards of acceptance into the Graduate School, the Associate Dean of Norcross Graduate School advises the student to make three copies on bond paper, obtain original signatures on the three signature pages and pay the binding fee to the Business Office. No copy of the thesis is bound for the student’s personal use.


Appointment of Thesis Chair and Thesis Committee or Capstone Project 

Scheduling the Thesis/Capstone Defense 

Thesis/Capstone Defense Evaluation 

Thesis, Capstone Project and Dissertation Guide 

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