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Dr. Fredrick C. Schneid

Chair, Department of History
Professor of History

Research: Society for Military History; Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850. Currently completing a detailed military history of the Second War of Italian Unification, 1859-1861.




Dr. James W. Stitt

History Graduate Program Coordinator
Professor of History





Dr. Peng Deng

Professor of History






Dr. Renzo R. Honores

Assistant Professor of History


Research: American Historical Association; American Society for Legal History; Bolivian Studies Association; Conference on Latin American History; Instituto Internacional de Historia del Derecho Indiano; Instituto Latinoamericano de Historia del Derecho; Latin American Studies Association; Law and Society Association; Renaissance Society of America // Book Manuscript: A Legalistic Society in the Colonial Andes: Professionals, Litigation, and Legal Culture in the Cty of Lima, 1538-1640 // New Project: Andean litigiousness, customary laws, and legal culture in the Andes, 1550-1700




Dr. Philip Mulder

Professor of History


Research: The Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, The McNeil Center for Early American Studies,  Society for Historians of the Early American Republic, Filson Historical Society // History of religion and culture in early America to 1830, focusing on the “Great Awakenings,” the impact of the American Revolution, and the migrations of peoples and churches across the Appalachians.



Dr. Paul B. Ringel

Assistant Professor of History







Dr. George L. Simpson

Professor of History

Research: Association for Scholars of the Middle East and Africa; Association of Third World Studies; Middle East Forum; North Carolina Association of Historians // In progress research:1.  an article on the ethnogenesis of the Samburu people of northern Kenya under review for publication with the Journal of the Middle East and Africa’
2. a chapter in an anthology on Samburu land practices under British colonialism;
3. a chapter in a festschrift (also proposed as a conference paper) on the history of the Samburu when they suffered from a host of ecological disasters in the nineteenth century; and
4. Ongoing research on the history of the US and the Middle East (right now I’m looking at developments that occurred during and shortly after World War II.)





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