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Health Communications student shares her Campaign course Experience

The Health Campaigns course was very hands on. We worked directly with Davidson County Schools and Health Department to develop a prescription drug abuse campaign among middle school students. As a class, we created our own logo, created brochures, posters and videos. This courses helped further my knowledge on production and I gained a lot of experience using the Adobe software.

I am currently work full-time as the Operations Manager for Action Greensboro. The courses that I have taken at High Point University have advanced my writing and public speaking skills. Action Greensboro focuses on continuing to strengthen Greenboro’s economy and quality of life. With the connections I’ve made in my position, I have collaborated with many community partners when conducting research. For example I studied Biscuitville and created an analysis of how the use new/social media practices in strategic communication. I examined their presence on Facebook and Instagram, their target audience as well as look at what their competitors are doing.

Many of my classmates have had their research published and presented at conferences; which is one of my goals before graduating. With the research and hands on experience I receive in the program, I will graduate with a full portfolio of my work that I can show.

In all of the classes I’ve taken thus far, I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Gretton’s Crisis Communication class. Each week we would have to find crises that were going on locally, nationally or internationally. During class everyone would have the chance to share their crises and we would be able to think from a PR perspective on how we would handle it. This class was very discussion based; as a class we would bounce ideas around and help each other think outside of the box. We also heard from some Crisis Communication experts on how they handle crises first hand.  As a final project, we had to work with an organization and produce a Crisis Communication Plan.




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