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HFS 2610 Fundamentals of Furnishings (3)

A survey of, and introduction to, the home furnishings industry involving extensive exposure to terminology and various types of manufacturing. Home furnishings are explored from the raw material stage all the way to the finished product as it exists in its place of ultimate use. Involves extensive use of field trips.

HFS 3520 Home Furnishings Merchandising (3)

An introduction to merchandising theory, major concepts and the realities of putting together a cohesive product assortment and presenting it effectively to a targeted group of customers with regard to pricing, assorting, styling, and timing. Students will be exposed to global sourcing and vendor relationships. Prerequisites: HFS 2610 or permission of instructor.

HFS 3620 Home Furnishings Marketing-Manufacturing (3)

A basic course in how home furnishings are marketed as seen by the manufacturer. All marketing functions of the manufacturer will be explored. Includes the importance of establishing proper rapport with dealers through the furniture market and sales representatives. Prerequisites: HFS 2610 or permission of instructor.

HFS 3630 Home Furnishings Retailing (3)

The basics of how home furnishings are marketed from the standpoint of the retailer. Topics to be covered are financing of a retail home furnishings store; location, display, advertising; selection of store personnel; importance of the buying function; and various administrative aspects of operating a store. Prerequisites: HFS 2610 or permission of instructor.

HFS 3670 Home Furnishings Sales Development (3)

Salesmanship in the home furnishings industry. The task of personal selling is explored from the viewpoint of the manufacturer and the retailer. The theory of selling is also explored. Prerequisites: HFS 2610 and either HFS 3620 or 3630 or permission of department chair.

HFS 4444 Independent Study (3)

Admission by permission of the chair of the department to undertake an assignment planned in advance. One to three hours credit.

HFS 4990 Senior Seminar: Home Furnishings (3)

A capstone course designed to allow the home furnishings student to assimilate his or her knowledge of the field and apply it to solving selected case studies and independent research. Decision-making ability using knowledge acquired in other courses is stressed. Prerequisites: Senior standing and completion of all Home Furnishings courses or permission of department chair.

HFS 2881 Special Topics (Variable Credits)

Course may be repeated.

HFS 3881 Special Topics (Variable Credits)

Course may be repeated.

HFS 4810-15 Student Internship (3, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 credits)


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