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Scholarships Awarded Regularly

Below is a list of scholarships typically available to students in the Knabusch-Shoemaker School of Home Furnishings and Design at High Point University:

Allen S. Bloom Scholarship:

A memorial to Allen S. Bloom, a furniture salesman who showed early concern for the Home Furnishings Marketing program. Contributed by the Southern Home Furnishings Association. Preference is given to a student with a minimum 3.0 grade point average.

Orvis Bryant Memorial Scholarship:

Established by his family, friends, clients and business associates as a memorial to Orvis S. Bryant, prominent retail furniture store designer. For an interior design major. Preference is given to a student planning a career in retail store design or design of other selling interiors.

Dot and Thayer Coggin Scholarship:

Established by the furniture fellowship, a group of furniture executives who are seeking to bring Christian inspiration and leadership to the furniture industry, for rising seniors in the home furnishings program. Preference to students who represent minority groups.

Erath/Furniture Industry Scholars Program:

A sizable endowment fund has been established through a challenge by George and Shirley Erath, who matched funds raised by the furniture industry. It is for outstanding students who plan to enter the industry.

Furniture Today Endowed Scholarship:

Established by Furniture/Today, the weekly business newspaper serving the furniture industry, to students in good academic standing with High Point University, majoring in Home Furnishings. Preference is given to juniors or seniors with demonstrated financial need.

Robert P. Gruenberg Scholarship:

Memorial to the former general manager of the International Home Furnishings Center and Chairman of the High Point University Home Furnishings Advisory Board. Available to student with financial need majoring in Home Furnishings.

Ray B. Hamlet Scholarship:

Memorial to Ray B. Hamlet, a veteran fabric wholesaler in North Carolina. Preference for students whose families are employed in a furniture-related profession.

The Haverty Scholarship:

Established by Rawson Haverty Sr. for students majoring in Home Furnishings. Preference for students with financial need.

Emile Hodge Scholarship:

Established by Emile Hodge who was for many years a manufacturer’s sales representative. Preference given to a sophomore in one of the Home Furnishings programs.

J. Clyde Hooker Jr. Endowed Scholarship:

Established by the employees and sales representatives of the Hooker Furniture Company to honor J. Clyde Hooker Jr. on his 50th anniversary in the home furnishings industry. For juniors and seniors from North Carolina and Virginia with academic merit and potential for leadership in the home furnishings industry.

William I. Levenson Memorial Scholarship:

Established by Levenson & Klein and the Levenson family in memory of William I. Levenson. Preference given to students with demonstrated financial need and scholastic merit.

Celia Moh Scholarship:

Full tuition, room and board scholarship established by Laurance Moh in honor of his wife to support students majoring in areas related to the home furnishings industry, at a number of colleges and universities, including High Point University.

Patrick H. Norton Scholarship:

Established April 1992 to honor Patrick H. Norton, Chairman Emeritus, La-Z-Boy Inc., by the La-Z-Boy proprietary store organizations, the La-Z-Boy Inc. representatives and La-Z-Boy Inc. senior staff on Mr. Norton’s 70th birthday. To assist students who are pursuing a career in home furnishings.

Bill Peterson Scholarship:

A memorial to Bill Peterson, Founding Editor of “Furniture/ Today,” established by his family and friends. For students majoring in Home Furnishings or Interior Design.

Piedmont Furniture Association Scholarship:

Established by Sales Representatives. Preference is given to a rising senior intending to be a sales representative.

Williams S. Richman Memorial Scholarship:

Established by Mr. Richman’s wife and family members for a rising junior of academic merit.

Carson C. Stout Scholarship:

In honor of the founder of Carson’s Furniture Company, a former mayor of High Point. For students with financial need.

Frank W. Swift Wear-Dated Scholarship:

Established in 1998 to honor Frank Swift, Wear-Dated Home Furnishings Marketing Manager for Solutia, Inc. (formerly Monsanto Company), by the Acrilan Business of Solutia upon his retirement. To assist Home Furnishings majors with a B+ average.

A.G. (Pete) Whitener Scholarship:

Established in honor of the founder of Whitener Academy of Lenoir, North Carolina.

Ben Willis Scholarship:

A yearly award given to an outstanding retailer by the Southern Home Furnishings Association in honor of Benjamin Willis Sr. and John Willis. Preference is given to a rising junior or senior in the program.

Al Levy Memorial Scholarship:

Established as a memorial to the founder and guiding force behind RMG (Retailer’s Marketing Guild). The income from the scholarship fund will be awarded annually to students majoring in one of the home furnishings related majors at High Point University who intend a career in the home furnishings industry.

Frank J Sizemore, Jr. Scholarship:

Established to honor Mr. Sizemore who was a sales executive for more than 55 years in the furniture industry. Preference will be given to students who are majoring in home furnishings.

Nicholas A. Ungaro Endowed Scholarship:

The funds from this scholarship will support young designers at High Point University who are striving for a high level of excellence. Scholarships may be awarded at any level of their academic experience at the university.



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