Honors Scholar Program

Honor Scholars Program

Welcome to the Honors Scholar Program

The Honors Scholar Program is designed to provide enhanced educational opportunities for motivated and talented students from all majors. These enhanced educational opportunities are an array of in-class and out-of-class co-curricular experiences that promote academic, personal and professional growth. Scholars in the program have the unique opportunity to participate in small group discussions with visiting scholars, conduct independent research with top faculty and attend national Honors conferences.

Honors Program Benefits


HONORS HOUSING – Honors scholars have the opportunity to live with fellow Honors students in the Honors Living Community. This community is an academically focused, resourceful living community located in Finch Hall. The students have access to a full-time Faculty-in-Residence to discuss academically related topics, to provide research help and to create hall programs designed with an experiential learning focus.

PRIORITY REGISTRATION – Honors Scholars are provided the opportunity to select their courses during registration periods before non-honors students. This allows Honors students the flexibility to take honors classes offered that particular semester and to create an academic schedule conducive to their learning style.

RESEARCH – Honors Scholars are offered the opportunity to conduct research with professors that publish in their respective fields of study. This rare chance, which is usually only offered to graduate students at other institutions, is a perfect foundation for Honors students who are planning to pursue a graduate degree.

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY – The Honors Scholar Program awards one annual scholarship to the rising senior with the highest GPA in the program. The student must also exhibit extraordinary student leadership and be an active member of the Odyssey Club.

CULTURAL EVENTS – Scholars are given the opportunity to attend a variety of cultural events in the Triad and Triangle area. These events are completely subsidized by the university and include museum openings, public lectures, symphony performances and theater productions.

THE ODYSSEY CLUB – The Odyssey Club is the social organization for all students enrolled in the Honors Scholar Program at High Point University. It is composed of and directed entirely by honors students. The Odyssey Club encourages a healthy balance between social affairs and academics.

ENRICHED CURRICULUM –  Honors Scholars take courses with an enriched curriculum taught by the best faculty. There is a greater emphasis on participatory classroom teaching, which leads to greater class discussion and less lecturing. Classes tend to be smaller in size and include more independent and challenging experiential learning opportunities.

ALL UNIVERSITY HONORS – The ultimate benefit of the Honors Scholar Program is the chance to graduate from High Point University with the designation of “All University Honors.” This is the highest academic designation a student can receive upon graduation from HPU.



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