Honors Scholar Program

Honors Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the program’s core curriculum will demonstrate high levels of competency in the areas described below. They will showcase these competencies through personalized online portfolios.

  • Traditions: Investigate questions of enduring and contemporary importance by engaging the intellectual traditions and research methods that shape studies in the sciences and mathematics, social sciences, humanities, histories, languages, and the arts;
  • Contexts: Interpret human endeavors within the contexts of time and space and through a critical self-awareness of their own positions;
  • Synthesis: Synthesize information and resources to solve complex problems that have personal significance and public relevance;
  • Ethics: Recognize and analyze ethical issues within real-world challenges and make sound judgments when engaging in research, creative works, co-curricular experiences, interpersonal relationships, civic activities, and professional duties;
  • Awareness: Describe and analyze their roles as global citizens, demonstrating deep awareness of the differences – often invisible – between cultures and individuals, as well as knowledge of the processes of global interconnectedness and subsequent opportunities and tensions;
  • Communication: Communicate effectively, often publicly – in writing, speech, and visual media – employing careful analyses of rhetorical purposes, audiences, messages, and modes of delivery;
  • Collaboration: Collaborate productively in diverse groups to complete multifaceted projects that affect real communities;
  • Development: Articulate the values, needs, and goals that contribute to the cultivation of their private selves and that influence the crafting of their public lives;
  • Reflection: Attend to their own intellectual, personal, and professional development by curating, reflecting on, and publicly presenting embodiments of their learning and scholarship.

The Honors Scholar Program outcomes are informed greatly by the AAC&U’s Essential Learning Outcomes for liberal education.


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