Honors Scholar Program

Honors Core Curriculum

The Honors Core Curriculum consists of 39 credits amassed through twelve courses and over seven semesters. It includes EXP 1101 President’s Seminar and a modern language course. All courses engage students in project-based learning and entail direct writing instruction. This Honors Core Curriculum is in place of the General Education Requirements.

The Foundations Courses (HNR 1100 – 2500) introduce five areas of the liberal arts: humanities, social sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, and arts. Scholar Seminars (HNR 3600) explore interdisciplinary topics and give students the opportunity to lead 40% – 60% of class activities. The Qualifying Signature Project (HNR 3700 & 3800) is the defining piece of the curriculum; students work in multidisciplinary teams to plan, propose, and complete a project related to a public issue or problem. The capstone course HNR 4900 Life, Work, and the Liberal Arts assists students with connecting their liberal arts education to their personal and professional goals. [Download the course descriptions here.]

Students are required to take each course listed below. AP/IB/Cambridge credits do not replace these requirements, though they can count toward prerequisites and graduation, depending on departmental policies. Substitutions are available to students who join the Honors Scholars Program at the start of their sophomore year.

HSP Suggested Curriculum Plan

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
HNR 1100 - Humanistic Inquiry (Fall)HNR 2400 - Scientific ReasoningHNR 3700 - Methods, Proposal, and Planning (Fall)HNR 4900 - Life, Work, and the Liberal Arts (Fall)
HNR 1200 - Social Scientific Inquiry (Spring)HNR 2500 - Aesthetic InquiryHNR 3800 - Qualifying Signature Project (Spring)HNR 3600 - Scholar Seminar
HNR 1300 - Quantitative ReasoningHNR 3600 - Scholar Seminar
EXP 1101 - President's Seminar (Fall)

*Modern Language course is not included in the above plan, as it could be taken at any time throughout the four years.


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