Honors Scholar Program

Honors Scholar Program – Honors Courses

Honors students at High Point University benefit from over 40 honors courses, some of which are listed here.In addition to participating in honors classes and working closely with faculty in research and practice, honors students are also able to contract up to eight hours of courses for honors credit during junior and senior years. Contracting a class allows students to take high level non-honors courses, while completing supplementary work and experience more individualized attention from the professor.

BCH 3220 Biochemistry I
BIO 3040 Microbiology
CHM General Chemistry I & II with lab
COM 1110 Human Communication
COM 3352 Game Development
ECO 3400 Free Enterprise & Capitalism
EDU 4531 Literature for Children & Adolescents
ENG 2200 Critical Reading & Interpretation
ENG 2225 African-American Literature
HST 1103 Topics in Western Civilization
HST 2251 Hollywood & American History
HST 3701 The U.S. & the Middle East since 1945
INT 1140 Introduction to Interior Design
INT 2710 History of Architecture before 1830
MTH Calculus I, II, III sequence
PHY Fundamentals of Physics I & II
PSY 2500 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 2600 Biopsychology
REL 1003 Sacred Experiences in World Religions
SPN 3150 Hispanic Culture through Film

“I have found that HPU honors students are the creme of the crop–highly motivated, driven to succeed, and intellectually engaged. They dare to ask questions and seek answers to those questions. That’s what I love most about teaching honors students.”

Dr. Aaron Titus
Associate Professor of Physics


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