Honors Scholar Program
Honors Scholar Program

Honors Scholar Program – Odyssesy Club

The Odyssey Club is the social organization for all students enrolled in the Honors Scholar Program at High Point University. It is composed of and directed entirely by honors students. Meetings are held periodically, and a variety of activities are planned throughout the year. The Odyssey Club encourages a healthy balance between social affairs and academics.

On-Campus Activities:

  1. Board game nights
  2. Movie nights in the UC Cinema
  3. Ice-cream socials
  4. College Bowl competition

Off-Campus Activities:

  1. Day trip to the local amusement park
  2. Volunteer service opportunities in the community (i.e. Habitat for Humanity)
  3. “Dinner and a Movie”

The Odyssey Club organizes the annual Spring trip for all Honors students interested in attending a weekend getaway to locations like Savannah, Georgia; Washington, D.C.; and Williamsburg, Virginia. Students enjoy a weekend of camaraderie with each other while being away from the rigorous academics for a few days. The Spring 2012 trip will be in Charleston, South Carolina.


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