Honors Scholar Program

Honors Scholars Program – Contact

Dr. William Carpenter
Honors Scholars Program Director

(336) 841-9339


Honors Scholar Program Committee Members:

Dr. William Carpenter  – Director of Honors Scholar Program; Professor of English

Dr. Briana Fiser – Associate Chair of Honors Scholar Committee; Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr. Kristin Ackerman – Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Tom Albritton – Chair, Department of Professional Education & Leadership Studies; Associate Professor, English Education

Dr. Jennifer Brandt – Director of Women’s and Gender Studies; Director of the Common Experience; Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Matthew Brophy – Associate Professor of Philosophy

Mr. David Bryden – Director of Library Services

Dr. Victoria Brown – Assistant Professor of Visual Merchandising Design

Dr. Rob Harger – Chair, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science; Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Nathan Hedman – Assistant Professor of English and Theater

Ms. Erica Lewis – Senior Director of Student Life

Dr. Stacy Lipowski – Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Meredith Malburne-Wade – Director of the Office of Fellowships and Awards

Dr. Jacob Paul – Assistant Professor of English

Mr. David Radanovich – Assistant Professor of the Practice of Communication

Dr. Kimberly Reich – Associate Professor of Exercise Science

Dr. Dean Smith – Assistant Professor of Communication

Mr. Bradley Taylor – Student Success Coach

Dr. Chelsea Wentworth Fournier – Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Dr. Andrew Wommack – Assistant Professor of Chemistry


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