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Updated 3/27/20

This webpage contains a list of resources for students preparing for remote learning when classes resume March 23. The page will be updated daily. Please contact the Campus Concierge with any questions or concerns: 336-841-4636.

Emergency Grading Accomodations

Emergency Grading Accommodations-Undergraduate

As we continue to adjust to these new conditions of teaching and learning, we have adopted emergency grading accommodations for undergraduate students for the spring 2020 semester. While all courses will continue to be graded with the standard grading scale (letter grades) for the Spring Semester, you can now designate final grades for eligible courses to be recorded as Pass/Fail if that is your preference. 

Pass/Fail Policy

Libraries Online Resources

HPU Libraries have incredible online resources for you! Here are some important features that will support your academic success.

  • We are working with professors to purchase eCopies of textbooks so that students at home can have digital access.
    • If eCopies are not available, HPU Libraries can digitize chapters of textbooks to post on the library eReserves for students to access from home.
  • A librarian can check to see if a digital copy of your textbook is available. Contact 336-841-9101 or 
  • We are continuing to offer our already robust online chat so that students can get research help they might need to complete academic research papers and projects. You can find the “Ask a Librarian” virtual chat box by visiting the Library Website.
  • We are offering faculty afternoon workshops regarding off-campus access to our materials, such as eContent, which includes eBooks and eVideos.
  • For more on off-campus access information try this library guide:

Career and Professional Development Resources

The Office of Career and Professional Development is committed to ensuring you are equipped with life skills through a large variety of virtual resources during this fluid time. Continue enhancing your career readiness through the opportunities below.


  • Scheduling Phone and Virtual Appointments – You can make an appointment with a career advisor through our scheduling system that is already in place on our website: This is a “virtual” scheduling system, so students can make an appointment anytime from anywhere.
    • After you schedule an appointment, know that it can be completed over the phone or through virtual means. Our career advisors will email you ahead of time to ensure they have the correct contact information and preference for how to hold their career advising meeting.
    • This will be great practice for you as many employers conduct the initial job interview through digital means, and many professional meetings are also held virtually. Remember to treat this virtual appointment with the same level of preparation and professionalism as you would an in-person appointment.


  • Discussing transitions for internships that were being obtained for academic credit but cannot be completed on site at this time.
    • Make sure your midterm evaluation was submitted, if you haven’t already.
    • Reach out to your site supervisor at your internship and share HPU’s message/decision to transition to online classes beginning March 23 while remaining hopeful that in-person classes will resume later this semester.
    • Ask the employer if any on-site work restrictions or alterations have been put in place due to North Carolina’s response to COVID-19, as organizations may be dealing with the effects of this fluid situation on their employees and workforce.
    • Ask if there is any virtual work that can be done in absence of being able to be on site.
      • If so, you should work virtually, log your hours on a weekly basis as normal, and when all hours are logged, final evaluations should be submitted. You should also have weekly phone calls or skype calls with your site supervisor, ensuring you are on track and fulfilling your responsibilities.
      • If virtual work is not an option and you are unable to move forward in completing your internship, email your internship faculty advisor and Faith Cochran, Assistant Director of Internships ( An alternate assignment can be assigned by your faculty advisor. Faculty advisors can ensure the alternate assignment meets your learning objectives.


Learning Remotely IT Resources

Office of Information Technology has created a site just for information and resources about taking classes online:

Student Success Resources

Keep all previously scheduled appointments!

Students who have already scheduled appointments with their Success Coach can keep their meeting time. Their Success Coach will contact the student to see how they would like to complete the meeting—via phone, FaceTime, or Skype/Google Meet/Google Hangouts. The student should check their HPU email account regularly for communication from their Success Coach.


Success Coaches are holding virtual advising meetings with students in the following ways:

  • FaceTime – Each Success Coach has a university-issued iPhone and can complete student meetings via FaceTime.
  • Skype or Google Meet/Hangouts – If FaceTime is not available to students who do not have an iPhone, Success Coaches can complete “face-to-face” student meetings via Skype or Google Meet/Hangouts.
  • Phone Calls – Each Success Coach can complete student meetings via phone conversations. Each Success Coach has both a cell phone number and office extension number. Find contact information here!


Success Coaches can provide academic success documents, such as Midterm Grades Improvement Plans, Pre-Registration Documents, Change of Major Forms, Major-Specific Documents, and General Education Documents, to students via their HPU email.


Success Coaches can answer questions regarding academic success for our students via email and phone. We are consistently checking emails during work hours. We are open Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our contact information can be found online by clicking here!


Academic Services Tutoring Resources

How Peer Tutors will Provide Services

Learning Excellence Virtual Resources

The Learning Excellence Program is committed to your success! Here are virtual resources you can take advantage of during this time:

Maintaining and Scheduling Appointments

  • Learning Excellence  Specialists will keep all of their meeting times the same, but conduct all meetings via Skype, Facetime, phone or, as a last resort, email exchange.
  • Learning Excellence Specialists will communicate with students and parents in advance that scheduled meetings will be conducted Skype, Facetime, phone or email exchange.
  • Weekly Reports will be distributed as usual.
  • All Specialists will be online from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

How Professional Tutors Will Provide Services

  • Professional tutors will provide services as scheduled by the Learning Excellence Specialists.
  • Professional tutoring appointments will be held as scheduled and all meetings will be conducted via Skype, Facetime, phone or, as a last resort, email exchange.


How Peer Tutors Will Provide Services:

  • Peer tutors will communicate with students in advance that meetings will be conducted via Skype, Facetime, phone or email exchange due to the threat of the coronavirus.
  • Peer tutors will keep all of their meeting times the same, but conduct all meetings via Skype, Facetime, phone or, as a last resort, email exchange.
  • For Skype or Facetime calls, all meetings should be conducted from the Peer Tutor’s off-campus or on-campus location.



Global Education Resources

The Office of Global Education is committed to ensuring all of our important services remain available to students throughout the spring semester.

  • Schedule a Virtual Advisement Meeting for Study Abroad:  
    • Meetings about HPU semester study abroad and exchange programs can be made with Mr. Chris Ferguson. Email Mr. Ferguson ( to make an appointment for your virtual advisement meeting. You’ll then schedule the meeting through his Calendly account.  
    • Meetings about future HPU Maymester programs, along with short-term and semester-long unaffiliated programs, will be made with Dr. Jeff Palis. Email Dr. Palis ( with two available times to make an appointment for your virtual advisement meeting and he’ll reply with a confirmed time.
    • All virtual meetings will be conducted through WebEx. Students will be sent a link to log-in to their meeting at a pre-arranged time. Remember to treat these virtual appointments with the same level of preparation and professionalism as you would an in-person appointment – we look forward to seeing you online!
    • Note: the application deadline for Spring 2021 semester programs remains May 15, 2020. The Office of Global Education can advise you about updated procedures to obtain course transfer approvals remotely.
  •  Join a Study Abroad Group Information Session:
    • Have general questions related to semester study abroad? Mr. Chris Ferguson will be hosting a weekly town hall on semester study abroad on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. EST. To join, follow this link. The meeting password is Bfpbd4P2jC6. Parents are invited.
    • Have general questions related to future Maymester or short-term study abroad? Dr. Jeff Palis will be hosting a weekly town hall on Maymester and short-term study abroad on Thursdays at 12 p.m. EST. To join, follow this link. The meeting password is spD2UYnYy35. Parents are invited.
  • FAQs for International Students:
    • Tax Preparation Assistance – for students who need to file a tax return with the IRS or who receive scholarship funds from HPU.  Contact Deborah Moser at to set up an appointment.
    • I20 signature – Signatures are good for one year. Contact Dr. Church at to have a new I20 mailed to you if your signature needs updating. 
    • Exchange Students – Your transcripts will be mailed to the exchange coordinator at your home university within approximately one month after classes end. If you need a digital copy of your transcript prior to its arrival, you can order one via the   National Student Clearinghouse. Contact Dr. Church at if you have questions.
    • Graduating International Students – Diplomas will be mailed to your home address (or whatever address you provide). Please update your address in Mystuff with your mailing address in the exact format that it needs to be written on a mailing label.
  • Follow us through social media to learn about updates, news, and to participate in the Office of Global Education’s Armchair Adventures. Let the OGE take you away!
    • Through Instagram: @hpuglobaled  
    • Through Facebook: HPU Office of Global Education
      • Dr. Palis’ Monday Musings: Explore the world with Dr. Palis’ Monday Musings. Learn about what Dr. Palis is streaming online, reading, or planning for his next adventure. Hint: it will all be global (except when it’s about his beloved home state of North Carolina)
      • Wanderlust Wednesdays: take a virtual tour of a new cultural site, museum, or natural wonder every week
      • Global Fridays: OGE will be hosting a variety of live or interactive events on Fridays through its social media platforms

Fall 2020 Class Registration

Dear Students,
It’s time to start thinking about your courses for Fall 2020. Additional information will be sent on February 28, but for now, please pay close attention to the important dates. 

Danny K. Brooks, University Registrar

Updated 3/19/20

Even though most of our students are not currently on campus, registration for fall 2020 will begin March 24 for students with 96+ credits earned, as originally scheduled.  All students were sent an email from the Office of the University Registrar on Wednesday, March 18, notifying you of your scheduled registration time. 

Registration dates/times are based on credits completed at the end of the fall semester and do not include credits in progress spring semester.  If you completed credits over the summer or studied abroad at another institution, they may not be included depending upon when the transcript was received.


  • Registration is a three-step process:  Plan – Communicate – Register.  You need to “plan” your courses, “communicate” with your advisor, then at your assigned registration time, “register” for your courses.  Advisors will be communicating with students the week of March 16 to finalize and approve schedules for the upcoming summer and fall terms.
  • Once you have successfully registered for your courses, they will turn GREEN and have a check mark in the left corner of the course box.  IMPORTANT!  If you do not see the green box, YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED!
  • Your registration may be blocked if there are any holds on your account.  Make sure your balance is clear in Student Accounts.
  • Continue to check your HPU email regularly for additional updates.  Fall and summer registration begins on March 24 for students with 96+ credits earned.  Student Planning is located at:

Your registration time above is shown in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and your registration time will be different if you are currently living in a different time zone. For example, if your registration time is 7:00am EDT and you are living in Chicago (Central Time), you will register at 6:00am. Similarly, if you are living on the west coast (Pacific Time) and your registration time is 7:00am EDT, you will register at 4:00am Pacific Time.


Writing Center Online

HPU Writing Center

The HPU Writing Center has moved online to continue supporting you! Here’s how it will function beginning March 23:

The Writing Center will retain the same operating hours:
-9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) Monday through Thursday
-9 a.m. to 1 p.m (Eastern Standard Time) on Friday

Making appointments:
Students can make 30 or 60 minute appointments through WCOnline. Please remember that all appointments are scheduled as Eastern Standard Time. The confirmation email you will receive will provide instructions for how to join the online appointment. While appointments won’t begin until March 23, the scheduling system is available now to sign up in advance.

Attending appointments:
You will meet with tutors in a synchronous, video-chat format that allows you to upload work to a common white space and work collaboratively with the tutor.

Questions? Contact Dr. Leah Schweitzer,

Fall 2020 Housing Sign-Ups

The next step in the room reservation process, if you do not already have a room assignment for the 2020-2021 academic year, is to create a group. Creating groups will take place starting Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 20 as originally planned. To create a housing group, you will need to go online and access the housing portal,

Chapel & Religious Life

Chapel and Religious Life

  • #HPUChapelToday. HPU Chapel will be sharing daily inspiration through its social media outlets:
      These will include members of HPU community providing spiritual inspiration through song and spoken word.
  • Weekly Chapel. Weekly Chapel will go online starting Wednesday, March 25th at 5:30 pm. All online worship will be
    1. Attendees may register their attendance at:
    2. Join The Board of Stewards have created a facebook group to share prayers, hope, and encouragement.
  • Community Conversations. Each Thursday at noon, in place of Communion @ Noon, Rev. Davis will host a community conversation (through Zoom) at noon about Chapel worship the night before. This will allow for community to discuss what in scripture, music, prayers, and message had an impact on them. It will also allow for community to be in conversation together. Link will be shared through social media outlets above.
  • Jewish Life and Hillel. Jewish Life and Hillel will be hosting Zoom gatherings. Stay informed at
  • Interfaith Gatherings. Interfaith United will be hosting online gatherings. Stay informed at
  • The HPU community can send all prayer requests to The ministers are committed to being in prayer with our community during these extraordinary times.
  • Pastoral Counseling. The community may schedule pastoral counseling with staff through email.
    Rev. Preston Davis, Minister to the University (
    Rev. Andria Williamson, Manager of Chapel Programs (
    Rev. Al Ward, Clergy in Residence (

How can we support the University during these challenging times?

HPU Cares Fund

During this time of great uncertainty for the faculty, staff and students at High Point University, the HPU Cares Fund has been established to meet the University’s most pressing needs. Your 100% tax-deductible gift will be directed to the make the greatest impact.