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Human Relations

B.A. Human Relations

Program Overview

Enjoy working with people? Searching for a career that involves the leadership, supervision and management of others? Considering an undergraduate degree in a people-oriented discipline? High Point University offers a unique academic program in human relations. The central focus of the human relations major is to develop a student’s understanding of various aspects of interpersonal relations linked to individual, group and organizational goal achievement and to develop skills necessary for professional success via a hands-on approach.

A Focused Curriculum

The academic program addresses a student’s theoretical and practical competencies in interpersonal communications, group and team dynamics, organizational behavior, leadership, conflict resolution, public relations, project management and research methods.

Courses within the human relations major include the following: Human Relations and Interpersonal Dynamics, Public Relations Techniques, Leadership Development, Group Dynamics and Team Building, Conflict Resolution and Stress Management, Advanced Leadership and Team Management, Project Development and Management, Service Learning Practicum, Advanced Interpersonal Relations and Training and Organizational Development.


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Human Relations at HPU