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Your best place to start looking for an internship is to sit down with a political science faculty member in your area of interest. Dr. Martin Kifer maintains the department’s website for internship lists (see Dr. Kifer for its password), and he regularly distributes internship opportunities via e-mail to all interested students. If you are looking for examples of the kinds of internship positions that are available in North Carolina, your hometown, or in the Washington area, you may find it useful to begin your search by taking a look at or

A good overview of how to obtain an internship with an international organization is available at the University of Michigan’s Center for International EducationOne particularly useful place to start identifying internship opportunities with an international focus is the Foreign Policy Association’s Job Board. Michigan State’s globalEDGE International Internship Directory is another good resource.

If you are looking for information on US Congressional internships, most federal legislators provide internship information and application materials on their websites. Our department has a very strong track-record in placing HPU students in local offices for many different federal legislators in the area and in Washington. HPU’s Experiential Learning Office can help you locate summer housing in Washington, DC.

Many of our students’ most exciting internships have been with non-governmental organizations in Washington or Raleigh. Most well-known think-tanks (e.g., BrookingsCato, and the John Locke Foundation) and public interest groups (e.g., Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch) have established internship programs. Some, like the Heritage Foundation, provide intern housing and/or a stipend.

Are you looking for an international internship during your “gap year” between HPU and graduate school? See: The Center for Interim Programs.


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