Published on May 25, 2012, by in Chemistry, Internships, Research.

Thanks for checking back with me here in the lab at WFU!

Since my last update…I have been finishing up my literature search of journal articles to find compatible buffer systems with the SQ-BA (squarylium cyanine dye with a boronic acid functional group) dye for separation of simple sugars via capillary electrophoresis. I have been using a internet-based database called Web of Science to search for keywords like: capillary electrophoresis, monosaccharide, glycoprotein, and fluorescence. After reading probably 10-12 articles, I have found about 4-5 articles that are relevant, summarizing the data in one chart.

I met with Dr. Colyer today to discuss my literature search findings. We have decided to use a sodium phosphate buffer over others like sodium acetate, MOPS, or borate. When choosing a buffer, one will want to choose a pH +/- 1.0 unit from its pKa (This I learned in Quantitative Analysis this past fall semester!). With the buffer chosen, it was time for me to make some calculations – concentration of sodium phosphate in the buffer to 50 mM, SQ-BA dye stock to 1.0×10-3 M, and fructose sugar stock to 10 mM. A simple General Chemistry equation of M1V1=M2V2 and unit conversions were used (Thank goodness for those practice problems in Gen. Chem to prepare me for research!)

Hopefully tomorrow I will begin making my dye and sugar stock solutions along with my phosphate buffer. Thursday I will be joining the lab group at a chromatography conference, so make sure to check back to get a scoop on my experience there!