Published on May 25, 2012, by in Internships, Marketing.

Thursday and Friday have taught me some valuable lessons not only for the office, but in the real world as well. First and foremost, do not ever spend more than 10 hours putting together an Excel spreadsheet. All that will come from it is confusion and lots of wasted paper!

Secondly, and probably most importantly: If you do not understand something, simply ask for help. The task yesterday was to compile information for all of the middle and high schools in Boca Raton – their addresses, principals and contact information, anyone in the music departments, and someone in the community relations department. Sounds easy, right? NOT!!! This took me and another intern all day yesterday to begin, and most of this afternoon to finish. When I printed out the sheet to see what holes needed to be filled, it was just about as tall as me. I asked my boss what she thought I should do, and she told me all I needed to do was ask for help! I suppose that all the fear about admitting I needed help was silly because as a team, we produced a stellar final product!

The information will be used for a variety of things – distributing press releases about events, forming partnerships and much more. So in the end, it was all very worth it and a great learning experience.