Published on May 30, 2012, by in Marketing.

This summer I have been given the opportunity to intern for French/West/Vaughan in Raleigh, NC. I am thrilled to be working here. The firm does everything from advertising, marketing and public relations—all areas of interest to me. What I am especially looking forward to this summer is finally applying the skills I have acquired from the classroom and involvement with campus organizations to a real business setting. When I graduate from HPU with a B.A. in Strategic Communication and a minor in Marketing, I hope to pursue a career as an account executive for a firm, or work in-house somewhere as a publicist. My particular interest has always been fashion PR which ultimately led me to F/W/V. They are one of the few agencies in NC that work with fashion brands.

After receiving guidance from the wonderfully helpful Professor John Luecke (who introduced me to F/W/V), and multiple trips to HPU’s Career and Internship Services office, I applied for the position. I drove almost two hours and missed one of my favorite marketing classes—I had permission to do so of course, for an interview. After a few weeks of anxiously waiting, I received word that I finally landed the internship. My roommates can attest to my excitement that day. After I got the phone call, they couldn’t hear for about five minutes because of my loud scream of “I GOT THE INTERNSHIP!!”

Interning with such a sought-after firm has been a goal of mine for some time. As much as “The Hills” and other reality TV shows make getting internships appear easy, it’s not. Applying for an internship and actually getting one is a tough and competitive process. But here I am living in the Old North State’s bustling capital and interning with the top full-service Public Relations firm in the Southeast. Let the PR world adventures begin!