Published on May 30, 2012, by in Business, Internships.

Its been almost a month since I officially started running my own business through Student Painters, and I now have the perspective to really see how much I am learning and how much exposure I’m gaining in the world of business. The process of painting the house pictured here is best told with somewhat of a story. The journey began on a Friday with powerwashing the house to get it ready to be painted that Sunday by three painting crews including my own. On Sunday there were about 30 people at the house; including new painters, other managers such as myself, and the paint trainers. This made things a little hectic, and many of these new employees had never painted before. Since I found the house and made the sale, my crew had the task of finishing the house in the following week once training was over. Many of my painters were new to the craft, and long story short we were there until the following Friday.

In that seven day span I dove headfirst into running a business; among other things I had to let go an employee, plan around rain, and learn to handle the stress of running a small business. Looking back now it was one of the most difficult seven days of my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity!

Since then I have continued to improve on my management skills. I’ve seen a direct correlation between my decision making skills improving, and my employees responding to me in a positive manner. For me, being able to look back at the end of each day and know that I managed my employees as efficient as possible is a very rewarding feeling.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie Apter

Branch Manager

Student Painters