Published on June 6, 2012, by in Interior Design, Internships.

On Monday June 4th I went to work at 10:00 and helped out on an appointment with Paula who is the owner of Sew Fine II. For this particular appointment the client is in the process of redoing two of her bathrooms. In order to prepare for this appointment Paula took me to Frazee carpet and interiors to find tile for her bathroom floors and shower.  We found three options for her to choose from that fit the style and color she needed and we showed them to her.  On a previous meeting with this client we had picked out wallpaper for the bathrooms and by placing the tile next to the wallpaper samples we were able to find the perfect match for the bathroom.  The next step in the process is installation which I will keep you updated on!

Today my schedule was to come in at 1:00pm for an appointment with another designer named Barbra. Every day I have different times that I need to come to the studio depending on appointments and installations. At the studio we prepared for the appointment by gathering up the correct fabrics for the customer and making sure we had everything we needed. The appointment was a home in Chapel Hill. When we arrived we were guided to the room that the client needed a custom window treatment for. The client had been into the studio earlier in the week and had picked out the fabric that she wanted to be used on the window. The window treatment is going to be installed into her 18 year old daughter’s bedroom using a fun black and white fabric that matched the zebra print in her room.  Barbra taught me how to correctly measure for grommet style curtains and calculate the cost. After we finished we drew up the contract and will be installing them in a couple of weeks! Hopefully I can take some pictures for everyone to see.

After this appointment we had to go to a different house in Chapel Hill to install three roman shades. This appointment was different because we were actually installing the shades instead of measuring. Normally most of the installations are done by our installer but since this one was fairly basic Barbra and I were able to do it ourselves. Every time I go out on appointments with the designers I meet new people and I absolutely love it!