Published on June 8, 2012, by in Chemistry, Internships, Research.

Hello everyone!

So today I preformed a PCR (polymerase chain reaction).  This technique I had already learned about in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and had even preformed it in Molecular Biology lab.  It was great being able to use what I had learned in my High Point classes to understand my internship.

My goal was to use PCR to amplify a portion of a gene that codes for my receptor GPR109A.   I want to see if this gene is expressed in epithelium cells of human retina.  The retina is divided into ten different layers.  We had already found GPR109A in the retinal pigment epithelium but now we want to understand where else it may be.  GPR109A’s location helps determine its function.  So before we consider using it as a drug target, we want to understand everywhere the gene is expressed and what happens when it activated in that area.

Tomorrow I will be running a electrophoresis gel.  If bands are present then, we know there is expression of GPR109A in the epithelium cells of the retina.  I’ll get  back to you all soon!

Mary Funke