Published on June 8, 2012, by in Business, Internships, Marketing.

Hello readers, my name is Angela Tagliareni. Thanks for reading. My internship with Percepture Inc. began today and I have never been more excited! Percepture Inc. is a public relations firm that is located in New York City, Chicago and Branchburg, New Jersey. I live in the beautiful state of New Jersey and travel about half an hour to the Branchburg office. Having an internship makes me extremely excited for the real world. High Point has truly prepared for the next steps in my life, and my current internship is just confirming my success.

First days at internships are the best because they remind me of the first day of school. New business outfit, cute bag to match filled with my agenda and new pens/pencils. What is great about Percepture Inc. is that I am not only working alongside Account Executive Marie Pace and Manager of Client Services and Social Media Stephanie Stabulis, but I am also working with President of Percepture Inc. Thor Harris. The coming weeks are going to be filled with new challenges and learning opportunities. When I interviewed for the internship, after being told I received the position, Thor Harris said that summer is meant for three things, make some money, have fun and learn something new!