Published on June 14, 2012, by in Entertainment, Internships.

Hey Everyone!

So I’m already well into my 3rd summer in Los Angeles, CA.  Previously you’ve read about my experiences in the Event Departments at both The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA and MTV Networks in Santa Monica, CA.  However, this summer I’m on a bit of a different path.  I figure there is no better time than now to give my other passion a shot. Let me share with you what my first 2 weeks back on the West Coast have been like.

I have had the opportunity to explore my passion for fashion, I guess you could say.  I’ve been investigating the world of WARDROBE for film and TV alongside the wonderful team at Moxie Pictures in Los Angeles, CA.  So far I’ve gotten to work on 3 different commercials as a wardrobe intern.  The commercials include a 4 day shoot for TIDE, a 1 day shoot for Bic, and a 3 day shoot for EA Sports.  

A typical day would be getting up at 4:30am and taking the freeway to make a 6:00am call time, and the location changes just about every day. Sometimes I drive 45 minutes to Pasadena, or over to the valley. Sometimes it’s been a little closer and just a 10 minute drive to Pacific Palisades.  Wherever the location, it’s safe to say a wardrobe stylist spends half their time in their car and the other half on set.  They practically live out of their car. A wardrobe stylist’s car usually has a sewing machine, garment bags, clothing from stores or costume houses, call sheets, safety pins and more at all times. Literally, if you can think it, it’s probably in a costumer’s car.

Not only did I have to wake up incredibly early while being extremely jet-lagged from traveling from my home in NY to my apartment in LA, but I sometimes worked 12-15 hour days.  That certainly takes some getting used to, and I threw myself into the middle of the job, not really knowing entirely what to expect. However, it’s been one of the coolest experiences I’ve had so far. I even had the opportunity to work alongside and shadow a freelance wardrobe stylist on the set of a Glamour Magazine Shoot for the September 2012 issue.

I have also committed to an internship at Eastern Costume which is a costume house in LA where I’ll be learning about and handling clothing, props, jewelry and more.  The costume house has a very good reputation among wardrobers and costumers of Hollywood.  They’ve helped dress numerous movies and commercials, and I am looking forward to working with the team at Eastern Costume starting this coming Tuesday! In addition to this internship/PA position, I am still working for MTV as a PA on events, so you can expect to be reading even more about MTV this summer, including the MTV Movie Awards 2012 and other exciting events.  I promise it’ll all be coming soon!

Here are some pictures from my experiences so far:

ABC Costume HouseABC Costume House

Site of Warner Bros. Filming Lots and Costume House

Glamour Magazine Photo Shoot and Jewelry

Glamour Magazine Photo Shoot Set

Universal Studios Costume House