Hello everyone!  So last post I was trying to find out if the receptor GPR109a was present in the retina of the eye. Luckily it was present in the endothelium cells!  My next step is to perform immunocytochemistry. In this procedure, primary antibodies target the peptide of interest, then a secondary antibody binds to the primary. The secondary antibody has a fluorescent tag that allows you to tell if the protein of whatever you’re looking for is present; in this case I am looking for the actual protein expression of GPR109a.  

During the middle of the experiments, a camera crew came into my lab to video tape one of our professors.  They asked my post doc and I to be in the background of the promotional video!  There also was another grad student who returned from his vacation in India who brought some food treats for everyone. It goes to show that doing experiments is not the only thing that happens in the lab!