Published on June 19, 2012, by in Interior Design, Internships.

Another busy day at work! Today I went on appointments with another designer, Lori. We met at the studio and packed up everything we needed for the day. We were scheduled to go to one of her clients that needed her piano bench reupholstered and wanted to pick out draperies for the piano room. She also needed a bench in the master bedroom reupholstered.

When we arrived we showed her the fabrics that we picked out based on her descriptions and color scheme. Her favorite color was purple and she wanted to reupholster the piano bench in a beautiful purple diamond fabric. After we figured out the yardage needed for the piano bench, we moved on to finding a matching fabric for the draperies. Originally she wanted to use silk fabric, but since silk is a natural fiber, it can deteriorate with sun exposure. The window was in the front of her house and had a lot of sun beaming through during the day, so we had her look as faux silks and other fabrics that would be more appropriate. After we got the measurements for the window, we were finished with everything downstairs.

Next up was the bench in the master bedroom. Lori showed her some of the fabrics and we left them at the client’s house so she could make a decision on which ones she liked best. I always learn so much when I go out on appointments and I look forward to them every day.