Published on June 20, 2012, by in Internships, Journalism.

I started my Internship at the Huffington Post, on May 14. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I hadn’t even been to their office yet! I was interviewed over a series of phone calls in March, while I was still in North Carolina at High Point University. The Friday before I started, I received an email with the address of the AOL Building, who owns the Post, in New York City along with what time I was supposed to meet my college recruiter. 

I boarded my train with this information, my train ticket and two pairs of shoes. (My mom, who has been commuting into the city for the last 10+ years, told me I should always have two pairs of shoes.)

After the hour long train ride into Penn Station, the HopStop app on my iPhone told me I needed to walk two blocks to 32nd street to board the N. subway train.  Three stops later I was on 8th and Broadway. I walked around the corner to enter ny new home for the next three months. I checked-in with security and they directed me to the 5th floor of the AOL building. Through locked glass doors I was buzzed in by a receptionist, and told to wait on the couch.

There were TVs playing though all of the AOL logos, fun paintings, people walking around carrying a MacBooks and chairs. A lot of really funky chairs.My college recruiter, Caitlin, met me soon after, and greeted me with a “Swag Bag” full of AOL goodies. I could definitely get used to this. 

She went through the companies standards and policies.  An hour later, we were upstairs picking up my lap top. I was completely floored. I had no idea what to say or think except that this was amazing. 

After that, she delivered me to the Huffington Post area. It’s a giant room that consists of rows and rows of large white desks and tons of hardworking people. Large flat screen TV’s hang from the ceilings, constantly playing the news. I looked around and everyone was busy buried into their computers, their desks piled high with books, AOL items and Starbucks coffee cups (I quickly learned, it’s free here). 

I searched through the Huffington Post page, there was endless amounts of information and something for everyone to read. My editor, Jessica, introduced herself and began to show me the software behind the blog. 

I began meeting more people on the Impact Section and even joined a staff meeting on my first day! That goes to show that who my friends thought I’d be getting coffee and making photo copies were wrong about my responsibilities here. (Come to think of it. I have been here almost a month and still don’t know where the copy machine is.)

I spent the rest of the afternoon researching story ideas that we could write on and add to the blog. 

I raced to my subway and caught the train home to do it all over again.